Assistant architecture professor helps students through his experience in his own firm

By Walbert Castillo

Kennedy Hutson, a part-time assistant professor of architecture in the College of Fine and Applied Arts, also works as an owner at his privately owned company, Kennedy Hutson Associates, located in Monticello, Illinois.

In his practice at Kennedy Hutson Associates, he said, his main duty is to supply commercialized and institutionalized projects based on architectural design. He said that his office employs three people and maintains a traditional architectural design layout.

Hutson said he likes working at his office because he finds it gratifying to design projects for his clients.

“I’ve had my office for 19 years now, and before that, I worked in several other offices for about 16 years,” Hutson said.

Hutson is not teaching this semester, but he typically teaches architecture three afternoons a week, he said. He added that he spends about 20 to 25 hours a week at the University and 20 to 25 hours at the office.

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    According to The Daily Illini’s Salary Guide, Hutson made $18,411.21 as an assistant professor on 30 percent appointment in 2013.

    “As a professor, I love interacting with the students because I get to bring in something that they wouldn’t receive otherwise,” Hutson said. “I believe I can help and show them the benefits and practices of the real world.”

    Hutson plans to teach this upcoming spring semester at the University.

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