LIVE: Election updates

By Daily Illini Staff Report

Illinois will be electing the governor, state representatives and senators during Tuesday’s midterm elections. Here you can find updates from our reporters around the Champaign-Urbana area on candidates, results and more.

Champaign County Clerk Gordy Hulten said 12,000 people voted prior to the election in Champaign County. 


 (10:45 p.m.)- According to AP, Republican Bruce Rauner defeated democratic Gov. Pat Quinn in the gubernatorial race. 

Additionally, Freshman Republican Congressman Rodney Davis defeated Judge Ann Callis in his bid for re-election to Illinois’ 13th Congressional seat.

Democrat Carol Ammons defeated her republican challenger, Kristin Williamson, in the race for the 103rd District of the Illinois House of Representatives. 


(9 p.m.)- Jesse White, democrat, is projected to be re-elected as Illinois Secretary of State and Lisa Madigan, democrat, is projected to be re-elected as Illinois Attorney General by the Associated Press.


(8 p.m.)- According to multiple media reports, incumbent democrat Senator Dick Durbin defeated Republican candidate Jim Oberweis to win re-election to his third term in office. 


(3 p.m.)- As Election Day continues to unfold, Illinois 103rd District Carol Ammons, democratic candidate, is optimistic about the outcome of her race.

 “We’ve done 1,000 percent in organizing, in educating, in providing an option for voters,” Ammons said. “I’m excited about the peoples’ campaign we’ve run.”

The campaign has had 277 volunteers contribute by raising voter awareness, motivating the electorate to get out to the polls or holding up campaign signs. 

Ammons said that her past experience on the Champaign County Board has prepared her for a position in the state legislature by teaching her how to successfully pass bi partisan policy and reforms.  

“It was a large board, and we had to figure out how to work with Democrats and Republicans. We also had to figure out how to work with a large number of people to get something done,” said Ammons. “Every level of state government is represented at the county level.” 

While Ammons has not yet put out a comprehensive plan for her first 100 days in office, she has campaigned on promoting the implementation of a progressive tax system in Illinois and raising the minimum wage. She said she is passionate about enacting policy to prevent dumping in the Mahomet Aquifer.

“We will continue to work on getting the governor to sign a complete ban on dumping on the Mahomat Aquifer,” Ammons said. “We can’t wait a long time to get that done, so we’ll try to work on that in the first term. What I’ve seen throughout the state is the everyday voter has said we don’t toxic waste dumped on that land.”

Ammons expressed gratitude to the groups that backed her campaign, including Emily’s List, a pro-choice, pro-women PAC, and a large coalition of labor unions. Representative Naomi Jakobsson also contributed to her campaign by sharing her knowledge accumulated over tenure in the state legislature.

“She’s been a great asset, not just preparing us, but teaching us what we need to do in this election,” Ammons said. “I really want to thank her for her 12 years of service.”


(2:30 p.m.)- The Champaign County Clerk’s office said there had not been any major issues at polling places.


(1 p.m.)- The Ammons for Senate campaign said that the campaign is feeling confident going into Election Day.

“We’ve met all of our goals 1000 percent,” said Stephanie Seawell, spokeswoman for the Ammons campaign. “At this point, it’s [just] about getting people out to vote who support Carol.”
Kristin Williamson’s campaign is “cautiously optimistic” about the race for the 103rd District going into Election Day and are coordinating with dozens of volunteers as they make calls and knock on doors to get out the vote.