Appreciating all your dad has done and does


When I was in the eighth grade, I found out that the person I called “Dad” my entire life wasn’t biologically related to me. I learned that before I was born, my mom and biological father had split up, and she later married the person I’ve always known to be my dad. While the news came as a shock at the time, we all moved forward and everything has virtually stayed the same.

While I’ve never been the girl that calls him “Daddy,” growing up, my dad has taken on all the roles that the name entitles. He cleaned my cuts and scrapes when I fell down, and got rid of all of the monsters under my bed.

He sang and danced, and gave hugs and kisses on demand – and he still does.

Growing up, anytime my friends and my parents were in the same room, I would always end up hearing “Your parents are so cool!” and “I wish I had your parents!” I always responded with the stereotypical eye-roll and “They’re okay … I guess.” I knew my dad was awesome, but I never truly realized how much I appreciated him until I went away to college.

As a transfer student, the feelings of appreciation toward my dad didn’t completely hit me until last year. My dad wasn’t able to move me in when I transferred here, but when we said goodbye, he told me that he would be a car ride away if I ever needed him.

Having spent a year and a half away from home, I now realize how much I miss having someone trying to cheer me up when I get stressed out, or having him throw out random trivia facts that I can never seem to remember.

My dad didn’t go to college, but he has always been extremely knowledgeable about any subject. It still surprises me when I hear him talk about the latest mainstream music and topics in the media. Sometimes, I feel like he knows more about current stories than I do – and I’m a journalism major. My family and I joke about how he is our own personal “Moogle” (his name is Marty, and he acts like Google).

And he’s not just our Moogle. He’s also my rock.

He is the shoulder that I cry on, and he is the one that I go to for nearly every bit of advice.

My dad always pushes me to think deeper about even the smallest things, and to question certain things in life.

He’s given me the freedom to live my life on my terms, as long as I keep him in the loop. He has never judged me, and has taught me to deal with life as it comes. He knows that mistakes will happen, and that all we can do is move forward.

Growing up, I have learned that although blood may be thicker than water, the unconditional love that my dad has for me will always be thicker than anything, and that is all that matters. My father has always been one of my biggest supporters, and will always understand my craziest passions.

He is my influencer and teacher.

He is my support and my love.

He will always be there for me, and I will always be there for him.

See you this weekend, Dad.

Victoria is a junior in Media. She can be reached [email protected]