What do you plan on doing with your dad during Dads Weekend?

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“We’ll be attending the pregame barbecue and the Illini Football game. I’ll probably show him around the campus and hopefully convince him to get me some Chipotle!”

Bianca Reyes | sophomore, Business

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“My sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., will be planning different activities for our fathers. We will be having a Dad’s day brunch with videos we made for them. We also plan on going to the football game.”

Maya O’Neal | senior, LAS

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“Walking around campus and going out to eat at various places. We will also be attending the VMGC (Varsity Mens Glee Club) concert.”

Amos Adekale | junior, LAS

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“My dad has been coming down since my freshman year. Mainly we head to the game and get dinner. This year since it will be my last, we decided to go out with a bang. My dad and I will be going to Block and I will be showing him the college night life.”

Theresa McDermott | senior, LAS

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“Going to the football game, tailgating and showing him my favorite parts of campus. This being my senior year, I want to show why I love this University, and of course, where his money has gone the past four years.”

Anne Sweeney | senior, LAS