Ideas to perfect the art of gift wrapping

By Annabeth Carlson

As a kid, wrapping Christmas presents was not my strong suit, and it was not my dad’s either.

Each year he would ask me to wrap his presents for my mom. They always turned out interesting to say the least. Once I used an entire roll of paper on one gift, and another time I was so frustrated I gave my mom a gift in a plastic grocery bag.

Luckily, she has always been a good sport about it. This year, however, I have been practicing my wrapping skills and am hoping to impress my mom and the rest of my friends and family with the ideas below. Who knows, maybe I can teach my dad too!

The Traveller

For the friend or relative who has seen the world or really wants to, give them a present wrapped in a map. You can even choose a map of their next or favorite destination. I found a book of maps of all 50 states at the gas station, which I will be using this holiday season. An alternative would be placing a gift in a travel cosmetic case so it can be reused on their trip.

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    The Tastemaker

    Impress your classiest, most stylish friend with fashionable wrapping paper. Look for vintage wallpapers or head to the store for the rich jewel tones of the season, like emerald greens and deep purples. You can also make a bold statement with black paper. Either way, tie it off with a metallic bow.

    The Reader

    As a journalist, this is my favorite and honestly most convenient wrapping paper idea. Because I already have so many newspapers lying around, why not use them to wrap presents? To make this look feel special, add a pretty ribbon.

    The Holiday Lover

    This wrapping paper idea is for the friend who starts listening to Christmas music after Halloween and decorates their house like Clark Griswold. Indulge their love of the holidays with a traditional red and green look. I especially like plaid paper or one with classic characters like Santa or Rudolph.

    Annabeth is a sophomore in Media. She can be reached at [email protected].