Never too late to find a Greek home


By Rebecca Kapolnek

Sometimes it isn’t about the journey, it’s the destination that truly matters. 

Over the last four years in my sorority, Sigma Kappa, I have seen this idea live up to its meaning when it comes to spring or “informal” recruitment. 

Taking the nontraditional route and joining a sorority informally might not be the norm, but in the end, becoming a part of your sorority is what is most important for those who are interested.

Currently, certain sororities in the Panhellenic community are partaking in informal recruitment during spring 2015. This process includes hosting informal events to recruit potential new members who might not have wanted to go through formal recruitment in the fall, or decided later on that they wanted to be a part of the Greek community on campus.

It usually involves casual outings and activities, like bowling, cookie decorating or ice skating, where potential new members can come in and chat with the active sorority members. This makes it much truer to everyday sorority life.

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    Being an informal recruitment girl myself, joining my sorority in the spring of 2012, I can attest to the importance of the process. When I decided to go through recruitment, I was skeptical. However, in the end I was blown away with how relaxed and friendly the environment was, which is why I see the value in this spring process.

    As freshmen, girls often struggle with the decision of whether to go through formal rush. Coming into college, I, too, was intimidated by formal recruitment and was still not sure if I belonged in a sorority.  

    Formal recruitment entails two weekends of rounds where potential new members visit various houses to get to know members. Bid day marks the end, announcing which sorority rushees will become a part of. This whole process can be intimidating. 

    However, come Thanksgiving break my freshman year, I realized that being Greek was something truly missing from my college experience. 

    After watching my roommate and her friends go off to exchanges, formals and philanthropy events, I realized that I wanted that for myself. 

    There is no right way to join a sorority. Formal or informal, the destination, in the house you are meant to be in, is what matters. 

    Giving up two weekends right when you come to college, talking to hundreds of girls and having to run from house to house can be daunting, and it is OK to abstain from this process. 

    I firmly believe that formal recruitment is not for everyone, but everyone should give the Greek system a try if they believe — even a little bit — that they could fit in. 

    Joining a sorority means you will more than likely gain a support system much bigger than you can ever imagine, which makes the process worth it. 

    Every woman who has ever considered joining a sorority should attend an informal recruitment event at one of the sororities participating because it will help aid in the decision of whether to go Greek. By reaching out to your affiliated friends and asking any questions you might have, you will be able to get a better idea of whether sorority life is for you.

    In addition, every woman on campus should consider learning more about Greek life, even if they have never considered it before.

    Becoming Greek is how I met my best friends. If I had not joined Sigma Kappa, I would not be half the woman I am today. I would not have met all of my sisters and I never would have met all of the fraternity men I am happy to call my best friends.

    Joining a sorority is a lifelong commitment that you will never regret making and, just because you did not choose to go through formal recruitment, does not mean it is too late.

    Regardless of age, major, interests and talents, I firmly believe that there is a place for everyone in Greek life here at the University. Informal recruitment is just as important as formal recruitment and I believe that women need to remember this throughout the year.

    With both fraternities and sororities engaging in various types of rush and recruitment, all students should consider attending these events. Many sororities are setting up tables around the Union or those who are interested could simply reach out to someone they know in a certain chapter. In addition, more information about informal recruitment activities can be found on sorority or fraternity websites.

    Remember, there is no wrong way to join a sorority.

    Rebecca is a senior in LAS. She can be reached at [email protected].