Nourishing families and stronger communities

On Saturday, April 11, Eastern Illinois Foodbank staff had the great honor of attending the 2015 Community and Campus Day of Service at Memorial Stadium.

This event, hosted by the University of Illinois’ Office of Public Engagement and the registered student organization Illini Fighting Hunger, is the perfect example of collaboration and activism in our community.

More than 1,500 volunteers came together to package over 160,000 meals and an additional 55,000 servings of oatmeal. Eastern Illinois Foodbank received over 148,000 meals and all the oatmeal for distribution to nearly 200 member agencies in our service area.

In addition, 12,000 meals were donated to the Northern Illinois Food Bank for residents of Fairdale, Illinois, whose town was devastated by a tornado on April 9. What a wonderful experience when generations of families give back to their community, strangers come together for the common good and the entire West Hall of Memorial Stadium is packed with volunteers, meals, generosity and enthusiasm.

We appreciate each and every one of the 1,500 volunteers that donated two hours of their weekend to this annual event. Their commitment personifies the Eastern Illinois Foodbank’s mission of alleviating hunger and nourishing stronger communities. A very special thank you to Sarah Zehr, Director of the Office of Public Engagement at the University of Illinois, and Greg Damhorst, Director of Illini Fighting Hunger, for their personal dedication to this great event.

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    As always, thanks to our community for your ongoing support.

    Jim Hires, President and CEO of Eastern Illinois Foodbank.