By Harsha Bellamkonda

This past summer, I watched the first fifteen seasons of Arthur (let’s just say I had a lot of time). Last week, I watched Mulan and Pocahontas back-to-back. Alright, I’ll admit I was short on time, but I couldn’t care less. Next week, I’m going to binge-watch the entire Shrek series.

And if I had to give one reason as to why I’m re-watching these animated movies and shows, it’d be that they fill me with nostalgia. Animated children’s such as these stay with you for years, and no matter how old you become, the magic never disappears; they’re simply entertaining and lovable.

Children’s animated movies and shows are a lot of people’s guilty pleasure. Just go on Yik Yak for proof. The top posts are usually the ones with pictures and references from shows such as SpongeBob and Arthur to DreamWorks and Disney movies such as Shrek and Aladdin. 

Most people love revisiting their childhood, and usually, these movies and TV shows form a significant chunk of it. Not only do they have good messages, but they’re so excellent and fundamental that they formed our first opinions on what makes a good movie — now potentially evolving to baselines for what we look for in acclaimed movies.

We constantly associate these movies and TV shows with the enjoyable moments in our childhood, and always remember the life lessons learned from them. Even my dad and grandma still watch (and laugh at) Tom and Jerry.

Jose Sanchez, sophomore in LAS, agrees. “I think back (to) a time when I was watching them, and how funny they were, and that’s usually why I re-watch them,” he said. But nostalgia isn’t the only factor.

Adult humor and pop culture references are a great motivator when it comes to older people re-watching kid’s movies and shows. ( There are a great number of innuendos and references that have been thrown in over the years, most of which had gone over our heads as little kids. 

Adult jokes and references are partially why these movies and TV shows appeal to us teenagers and adults. We still get the meat of the plot, but also get some extra chuckles on the side.( 

John Peloquin, freshman in Engineering, said “I just like looking for dirty jokes in kid’s movies and cartoons. I know they’re in there. Just got to look for them.” I doubt many of us realized as kids that the fishing rod with Barbie legs in Toy Story was literally a hooker. (

In my experience, the biggest reason one should re-watch these classics is the soundtracks. ( These songs matter because they’re perfect for listening to in many situations. Not only that, but they’re amazing from a general viewpoint as well. Animated movies are great places to find quality music.

I listen to a lot of animated movie songs from time to time, whether it’s “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” from Mulan when I’m working out, or “All Star” from Shrek when I’m feeling blue. They remind me of their respective scenes from their movies, and bring back vivid memories, whether it’s Mulan climbing the huge pole, or Shrek taking a bath in the mud.

It doesn’t matter if you’re re-watching these films and shows out of nostalgia, missed adult jokes and references, music, or even all three. We’re all one big family. A family that grew up watching these movies and TV shows. A family that collectively remembered the address from Finding Nemo (P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney). A family that rejoiced when Aladdin defeated Jafar. A family that rooted for WALL-E all the way. And if there had to be a simple reason as to why these movies unite our generation so well, it’s that most of them are truly masterpieces. No one can refute that.

Harsha is a freshman in Engineering.

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