Killeen warns of cuts, layoffs

The University could be forced to consider more drastic measures of saving money President Timothy Killeen warned the University community Wednesday that after a second year of negotiations without reaching a state budget.

After the Illinois General Assembly was unable to come up with a state budget, Killeen sent an University Massmail highlighting the struggles the University could face.

“I am gravely concerned about the implications for our students, our faculty and staff and our campuses if we are forced to weather another protracted period without adequate funding from the state,” Killeen said in the email.

The state has gone 11 months without a budget and while the University has managed to withstand the reduced funding through reforms and cost-saving initiatives, Killeen did not rule out going to drastic measures to keep the University afloat.

“All options are on the table as we go forward – layoffs, reductions of academic programs, closure of units and cuts in a health-care enterprise that provides critical care to underserved populations in Chicago,” he said.

Killeen reaffirmed the effort to ensure the quality of the University high despite the budget impasse.