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“Trumpaganda” class should teach objectivity, not bias

By Kent W. Howell

I see a course is being offered starting during the latter half of this semester called “Trumpaganda: The War on Facts, Press and Democracy.” It’s described as examining “the Trump administration’s disinformation campaign.”

In addition to such an examination, does the University’s administration care about helping students explore all sides of the issue, like the unfair treatment of the nation’s administration by “fake news” and other biased hysteria of the mainstream and social media and others who consider themselves an authority on these issues? Is it the University’s intent just to graduate another regiment of single-minded journalists, or are they interested in challenging students to think for themselves?

In all honesty, courses such as this only serve to lower the credibility of mainstream universities in the minds of the “real world” populace. As an alumni, I have higher expectations and hopes of the University to explore current issues in a more professional and comprehensive manner. I would encourage the University administration to challenge students to think for themselves  and not simply just try to brainwash them.

Can there be any valid question as to why many universities are accused of liberal biases that border on the fanatical? If the University wants to actually help students expand their minds and become useful contributors to themselves and society in general, then offer classes that fairly treat all reasonable aspects of an issue  not just the biased viewpoints of a few.

Kent graduated in 1983 with a B.A. in Business.

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