Yungblud blends all music genres into socially-conscious release

By Caileigh Alexander

Album Rating: 8/10

On December 4th, British pop/punk sensation Yungblud released his third groundbreaking album, “weird!” As a former emo kid who misses the day when My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy and Paramore were all anyone could talk about, this album made me feel nostalgia and hope for the future. Combining all music genres into 13 songs, “weird!” offers something for all music listeners. 

What fans enjoy most about Yungblud is his attack on social issues in all his music and appearances. While wearing dresses and makeup to stand up against gender norms, he writes music about the struggling working class, sexual assault against females, exploring your sexuality and mental health awareness. Although I am a fan of all music, listening to ten different songs about the same thing can be exhausting. I rarely find myself listening to a song and thinking, “Wow, I’m glad someone is finally talking about this.” I think it’s easy to write another song about heartbreak without ever truly saying something to the audience. Yungblud makes sure his music always has a message that sticks with you. “weird!” has music that will make you scream, cry and laugh all in one song. 

A favorite song on the album is “superdeadfriends.” A common theme in all of Yungblud’s music is not accepting judgment from older generations when they are the ones who raised us. Emulating the Beastie Boys’ rap/rock style of music with passionate lyrics, “superdeadfriends” is about accepting ourselves despite the judgment received from older generations. A verse that stands out is “it’s time to take a look at the world through our eyes if you stick around, you might like what you find.” The line serves as a lesson to older generations to enjoy life by accepting young people. This song should be at the top of any playlist if you need a good scream, especially with upcoming finals.

Another favorite track is “weird!” A song combatting youth’s struggles, “weird!” is the perfect coming of age song that explores all of the obstacles and anxieties young people face. Lyrics tackling fake friends, the fear of our parents dying one day, love and the countless mistakes made in life in juxtaposition with upbeat music and tempos makes “weird!” perfectly embody what it is like to be in your twenties. It is a time full of stress and anxiety, but also a time full of self-discovery.

“mars” is one of the heaviest hitting songs and follows the story of a transgender woman who is not accepted by her parents or school. The lyric, “Is there any life on Mars?” is a cry for acceptance in an ostracized world. With lines such as, “Yeah, her mom and dad, they couldn’t understand why she couldn’t turn it off, become a better man,” “mars” recalls the journey many transgender people travel to find a place in the world. Yungblud himself has been incredibly open about his gender fluidity. His raw vocals sound like a cry for help for himself and a message to his fans who might be struggling with the same problem that they are not alone.

Taking a turn and exploring his more pop side, Yungblud released his song “cotton candy” earlier this year. The track confronts exploring sexuality without ever finding a genuine connection with anyone. However, it is upbeat and always leaves you with a good feeling after listening to it. 

Lastly, rounding out the top five list is the last song on the album, “the freak show.” The song’s experimental style sounds like a combination of Queen, Panic! At the Disco and My Chemical Romance. “the freak show” combines the punk, rock and pop styling seen throughout the album into one song. When Yungblud sings, “But I will spend my life believing in you,” I was transported back to when I was a little kid screaming, “Welcome to the Black Parade.” 

Although “21st Century Liability” is still a favorite album Yungblud has released so far, “weird!” is an important album for everyone to experience. Even if you aren’t a fan of punk/rock music, Yungblud delivers lyrics that everyone can empathize with. We are all trying to find ourselves in the world. Sometimes, we need a soundtrack to help us do it.

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