Update your closet with pieces from these thrift stores in CU


Photo Courtesy of Dandelion Vintage

The Dandelion Vintage & Used Clothing store stands at 100 N Chestnut St. The Champaign-Urbana area has several thrift stores you can shop at to update your wardrobe.

By Raina Kutliroff, Staff Writer

Thrift and other secondhand stores are a great way to find unique clothing items and save money in the process. Below is a list of the most popular used-clothing stores to plan your next thrifting adventure.

Karma Trade

Located in Urbana, Karma Trade is proud of the fact that it is a “zero-waste” fashion store. It encourages visitors to drop off their clothes in exchange for some new, used clothing. Karma Trade also uses 100% biodegradable materials for its packaging of clothing items. Featuring adorable and on trend clothing, Karma Trade is a great choice to repurpose someone else’s clothes.

Salt and Light

Doubling as both a thrift store and a nonprofit organization, Salt and Light aims to give back to the Champaign community with 100% of sales going right back to Champaign’s community. Donate food, books, clothing, jewelry or furniture to those who may need it more. Salt and Light is also constantly looking for volunteers to assist customers and stock the location.


Perhaps the most well-known thrift store chain and nonprofit thrift store, Goodwill has locations in Champaign, Savoy, Bloomington and Danville. Goodwill offers volunteering positions in addition to clothing donations and purchasing options. Also, Goodwill always accepts any financial donations. Try and stop by on Thursdays to check out any “color of the week” clothing and linen items for just one dollar.

Dandelion Vintage & Used

Located right in downtown Champaign, Dandelion Vintage & Used features high-quality vintage clothes, vinyl records and has wonderful staff and customer service. Currently, the shop is featuring vintage aprons on its website. Although the prices are a bit more expensive than other stores, customers pay for high-quality items that will last.

Carle Auxiliary Resale Boutique 

Staffed by Carle Auxiliary volunteers, Carle Auxiliary Resale Boutique sells new and used clothing at affordable prices. Many of the boutique’s items come from Carle’s past and current employees, Carle hospital contributors and members of the C-U community.

Antiques & More Staley Road

Although technically classified as an antique store, Antiques & More is a highly rated business with “outstanding customer service,” as quoted by reviewers. Antiques & More is currently Champaign’s largest retro and collectibles store. This shop sells beautiful antiques such as jewelry, vintage clothing, furniture and home decor, unique and adorable face masks, scented candles and more. The shop is also currently looking to buy more antique items and vintage clothing.

Karen’s Kloset

Categorized as a consignment store, Karen’s Kloset is an excellent choice to thrift shop some designer brands at bargain prices. Customers can find many high-end brands for purchase such as Ralph Lauren, Coach, Tommy Hilfiger and Tory Burch for a quarter of the price. Jewelry, handbags and shoes are also available for purchase. Be sure to check out Karen’s Kloset on social media to be the first to see new items in stock.

Briella’s Boutique

Located just outside of Champaign in Savoy, Briella’s Boutique aims to deliver high-quality and upscale thrifted clothing to customers. Selling name brands in apparel, shoes and jewelry, this boutique is another great choice for trendy, thrifted items. The boutique also features a line of luxury vegan apparel.

Whether you are looking to shop, donate or sell clothing, or volunteer there is plenty of thrifting and second-hand stores in the C-U area to fulfill all thrifting needs.

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