Rachel Eckroth releases self-titled EP

By Raina Kutliroff, staff writer

After years of performing under big artists such as Rufus Wainwright and KT Tunstall, singer-songwriter Rachel Eckroth is currently pursuing her own fame and popularity with her upcoming self-titled extended play, scheduled to release on May 21. From Phoenix, Arizona, Eckroth has been practicing music professionally since working closely with jazz star Dennis Rowland in high school.

After working through college and making her way into the music scene, Eckroth released her first official album in 2014 and has been working nonstop since then to produce music that resembles her character and shows off her talent.

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“Rachel Eckroth EP” was produced by and written with the help of David Garza. Eckroth said that the two first met in 2018 and that Garza asked her to collaborate.

“He said, ‘Better yet, come to Sonic Ranch in Texas next month, and we’ll write and record.’” Eckroth said.

And that’s exactly what they did.

Fans of Regina Spektor, Head and The Heart and Jack Johnson will fall in love with Eckroth’s deep, smooth voice over relaxing acoustic instrumentals, featuring hints of an electric guitar. “Cooped Up and Bored Blues,” the first track to be released to the public, is the perfect opening for her indie-style EP. This track features her jazzy vocals working with the bluesy instruments that elegantly complement her style.

“You’re the Only Thing” was released earlier this year and is already Eckroth’s most listened to song. This love song is made up of slow, simple lyrics and some sexy instrumentals to inspire listeners to think of their lover.

“The Root,” another unreleased track, highlights the emotion Eckroth uses when vocalizing her dramatic lyrics. “The Root” is calling to be featured in a film’s bittersweet ending, with the lyrics “down like the crash of the ocean/you can’t stop the wave once it goes.” Garza’s songwriting talent also comes to play in this track with his poetic lyrics that effortlessly flow into each other.

The last song that will be released as part of her EP, “Ready Go,” was also previously released as a single and has already gained several fans. This track is a great ending to her EP as it has a combination of all the styles in all three other songs on the EP. This song highlights the producer’s work, overlaying Eckroth’s vocals as she harmonizes with herself.

Eckroth’s first album, “Let Go,” was “very jazzed-out,” explains Eckroth. Her second album, “When It Falls,” was more pop-indie and emotional with “more sonic textures,” Eckroth says. This new EP will feature the happy medium of both of her previous albums, with the emotional drama in the instruments and her jazzy vocals balancing out the style nicely.

One of Eckroth’s biggest influences for music is David Bowie, who she feels a strong connection to and uses as an inspiration for her own music. This EP has a similar style to that of Fleetwood Mac as well as hints of Lake Street Dive and Tedeschi Trucks Band. Fans will be anxiously awaiting Eckroth’s next album after listening to the new releases.


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