Best of CU: Best Photo Op

By Olivia Rosenberg, buzz Assistant Editor

College is all about the memories with the people you meet during four formative years of your life. But really what’s the point of taking pictures if you can’t post them on social media? And you can’t really post on social media without a good background, which is why taking a bit of a hike around campus to find that perfect photo op could be a fun idea for the next time you have a free day.

If you’re hoping to post a new Instagram picture, head to the Japan House gardens in Urbana for the perfect photoshoot location. With beautiful landscape and architecture, the gardens provide a picturesque backdrop fit for anyone’s feeds. The Tea Garden and Dry Garden are two locations at the Japan House that create a variety of spots for photo taking and for hanging out with friends.

Just a short walk from campus, there are bamboo gates and stone paths which help the area transport visitors to a brand new place. The inner and outer gardens within have many different sights of unique nature, different from the landscaping on campus. The pond in the gardens is not only a great spot to admire nature but also to snap a few photos with friends. There are not many bodies of water in Champaign or Urbana, so the pond is a rare spot to enjoy.

In addition to it being the perfect place to take pictures, the Japan House gardens also is a great place to learn about Japanese culture and appreciate the new perspectives learned during a trip there. It is a peaceful and tranquil location where students can take a break from academics and plan a day trip with friends. 

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