Best of CU: Best Place to Meet New People

By Nora Duffy, Contributing Writer

Thanks to the University’s safety precautions in response to the pandemic, University of Illinois’ social scene is roaring once again. There are countless places to meet on campus, and our students have voted that house parties are the best place.

House parties bring a variety of people together with music, fun and a laid-back environment. While bars and campus buildings offer a great place to do work and meet people with similar interests, house parties open the door to others with different ideas and goals. New connections can spark curiosity and can be a great way to delve into an interesting conversation with a stranger.

Parties are also a great place to have fun. Dancing, laughing and listening to good music all work together to create a lighthearted mood.

“It’s easier to connect with new people over music,” said freshman Maia Shelegeda.

Music, for many, creates a more comfortable and unified environment, making it easier to relax and really connect with people. It can serve as a conversation starter, or just set the atmosphere in the room. In either case, music at parties brings people together and creates a fun, carefree environment.

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    Whether you’re hanging out by the food, jamming to the music or actively seeking out new connections, house parties allow you to open up to new people and make fun memories. Away from the stress of school, students are able to relax and make new connections at parties this year.

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