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Lisa Chasanov

Lemon garlic salad

June 9, 2023

On their lunch menu, The Bread Company offers four salads: house, pear, strawberry and lemon garlic. Each salad comes standard with pre-selected toppings and dressings, indicating that the curation of these dishes was a matter of care and effort.

The lemon garlic salad was light, refreshing and well executed. It featured, salty, briny capers alongside thinly sliced tomatoes and shallots. The base of the salad was seemingly a leafy green mix that had a fresh, peppery bite to it — tossed in a savory lemon garlic vinaigrette.

For those who are concerned with the quality of ingredients used in The Bread Company’s food, do not worry — this is the real thing. A salad from The Bread Company is sure to come standard with high-quality produce and a satisfying concept.

Although many salads with lemon as a central flavor note are sweet and one-dimensional, this salad was delectably harmonious and savory while maintaining the refreshing quality of a traditional lemon salad.

The lemon garlic salad from The Bread Company may have been my favorite salad that I have tried on campus. It exuded summer with each bite and paired with the veggie sandwich superbly.

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    The one downfall of the half-and-half combo at The Bread Company is the price. A cold sandwich is the most budget-friendly and time efficient option on the lunch menu, but for those hoping to have a slightly more curated experience, variety comes at a price.

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