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White cheddar popcorn

June 16, 2023


Lisa Chasanov

White cheddar popcorn close up

Although the white cheddar popcorn flavor at CPPB does not present anything new or exciting to the popcorn market, this classic variety offers a satisfyingly salty and buttery crunch. A flavorful and savory choice, this variety yearns for an accompanying beverage.

Each kernel is coated in an abundance of white cheddar flavor, causing the entire snacking experience to be consistently intense.

Edging on too salty, the white cheddar powder at CBPB is just tasty enough to avoid criticism. However, if you are someone who doesn’t enjoy very salty food, this popcorn may not be your best bet. Enjoy at your own risk if you suffer from high blood pressure.

It is worth noting that the smallest bag of popcorn at CBPB is priced at $6 before tax — and tipping is encouraged.

The bold and unyielding flavor of this popcorn makes it a memorable and easy-to-crave snack choice, but its price tag may seem a bit disproportionate.

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