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Saturday, 3 p.m.

March 4, 2023

Green Street is still full of various parties of people dressed head-to-toe in green. Lines to bars have died down, but there is still a short line outside of campus’ newly opened Raising Cane’s.

Henry Horton, junior in Media, said his plans today included, “Just having fun, spending the day with friends, maybe drink a little bit and (having) a good time celebrating St. Patrick’s Day weekend.”

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It’s a good day to do that — the weather is currently 52 degrees and sunny, with clouds overcast to block people from direct sunlight. There aren’t many people bundled up, even though there are still remnants from yesterday’s snow on the streets.

The air is thick with spirit, smells of fermented yeast and sporadic whiffs of something green. People are walking and laughing with their friends, congregated on crosswalks, waiting for the walk sign so they can straightly cross the street.

And since Unofficial is unofficial, some students are denying any festivities today, saying things like, “Sorry, we just like to wear green!”


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