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Corrections Policy

Our Corrections Policy

The Daily Illini prides itself on the accuracy of its reporting. Every effort should be made by employees to be accurate and seek out accuracy to best inform readers and listeners. When The Daily Illini makes a mistake in its print publication, a correction will run on page 2A as soon as possible. When The Daily Illini makes a mistake in the its online publication, the article will remain posted with a disclaimer listing the mistake and the appropriate changes made to the article. When The Daily Illini makes a mistake in its on-air newscast, the correction will be made during the next possible newscast and the mistake will be noted in the podcast posted on the website. When a person calls in question of a fact published or aired, they should never be guaranteed a correction will run. A senior editor must first confirm that the fact in question is an inaccuracy. At that point a person can be guaranteed a correction will run, however, a senior editor should only inform them of this.

When we make a mistake, in print or online, we’ll correct it in this place. We strive for accuracy, so if you see a mistake, please call the Editor-in-Chief at (217) 337-8365 or email [email protected].

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