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The 6.7% welcomes you

The 6.7% welcomes you

By Diana Anghel, Editor-in-Chief April 25, 2021

According to U.S. Census data from 2019, only about 32% of adults 25 and older earn a bachelor’s degree. Of that third of the population, 40% of non-Hispanic white adults aged 25 and up achieved a bachelor’s...

Reese Witherspoon stars in the movie “Legally Blonde” with her dog Moonie which was released on July 13, 2001.

How to celebrate graduation in a pandemic

By Heather Robinson, Managing Editor For Reporting April 25, 2021

Despite all of its challenges, the year of 2020-2021 has undoubtedly fostered a new sense of creativity among those who were stuck in quarantine for long amounts of time. From picking up new hobbies and...

Eight places to take socially distanced graduation photos

Eight places to take socially distanced graduation photos

By Gwyn Skiles, Features Editor April 25, 2021

Flipping through family photo albums in a couple decades, graduates will search for a photo of themselves smiling with pride and dripping in orange and blue from head to toe. There are several iconic...

Students talk to each other on the forecourt of Foellinger Auditorium on April 3.

Take time to figure out what you want to do

By Rohit Jammu, Assistant Features Editor April 25, 2021

Applying to college when you’re in high school may make four years feel like a long time. But you blink and suddenly you’re in your final year having experienced what felt both like an eternity and...

The Orange Krush student section shouts at a game between the Illini men’s basketball team and Minnesota at State Farm Center Jan. 30, 2020.

Illinois sports lows make highs worth waiting for

By Jackson Janes, Sports Editor April 25, 2021

A lot of things have changed since your freshman year: You’ve made new friends, created lifelong memories, spent hours studying and hanging out on the Main Quad, had a few too many drinks at any of the...

Illinois graduates celebrate during commencement from a previous year.

Graduates: embrace the uncertainty in your next stage of life

By Amrita Bhattacharyya, News Editor April 25, 2021

So you made it. The big day that you imagined as a child is here! A socially distanced, individual private stage crossing experience. Your maximum of four guests in the audience are beaming back at you,...

Opinion | Clutch compassion toward life’s subsequent expedition

Opinion | Clutch compassion toward life’s subsequent expedition

By Nathaniel Langley, Opinions Editor April 25, 2021

Life’s mundanity approaches. Across the illustrious stage — whether virtually or physically traversed — this ordinariness awaits with all its humdrum patterns. Soon, assignments will be replaced...

Students in a statistics class listen attentively to a lecture at the Lincoln Hall Theater on December 2, 2019.

Take advantage of mental health resources

By Mona Alrazzaq, Assistant News Editor April 25, 2021

As a senior approaching the last few weeks of college, there are a range of emotions that you are probably processing. It is completely acceptable to feel lost or unsure right now, especially because we...

Three great commencement speeches to hold onto

Three great commencement speeches to hold onto

April 25, 2021

When one phase of life ends, another one begins. The end of one’s education brings upon the commencement of one’s journey into the so-called “real world.” To celebrate this new, often terrifying...

Top 5 graduation playlist must-adds

Top 5 graduation playlist must-adds

By Carolina Garibay, buzz editor April 25, 2021

No graduation party is complete without a fire playlist full of songs that make you nostalgic, reflective and hype you up all at the same time. Though countless graduation songs exist, there are some songs...

Members of the Illinois football team speak at the Champaign Police Department during a student-led Black Lives Matter march on Aug. 31.

Take action after this year’s racial reckoning

By Vivian La, Assistant Daytime News Editor April 25, 2021

This academic year has been unlike any other in history. Not only was there a worldwide pandemic that shuttered whole cities and countries, affecting all aspects of daily life, but there was also a nationwide...

To the class of 2020: We're all in this together

To the class of 2020: We’re all in this together

By Shivali Shukla, Assistant Special Sections Editor May 7, 2020

About fifteen years ago, I heard my grandfather tell my parents, "Yesterday is history, and tomorrow is a mystery." It stuck in my mind; not because I thought it was wise or even because I knew what it...

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