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Students share some favorite dad memories

Students share some favorite dad memories

By Sonal Singh, Staff Writer October 31, 2019

For many of us, our father figures are our childhood superheroes, the ones rushing to our aid for the smallest  concerns. This weekend provides us with the perfect opportunity to reminisce about our favorite...

The first Dads Day celebration is printed in Illio Yearbook in 1922. The University of Illinois Dads Association was founded in 1922 and claims to be one of the first parent programs in the country, with their “King Dad” tradition having been practiced for over thirty years.

We go way back: the rich history of Dads Weekend

By Nicholas Beckham , Contributing Writer October 31, 2019

Friday starts the 2019 Dads Weekend, which will last until Sunday. While several events will take place, registrations aren’t required to participate in all of these events. Some events are free, and...

A family enjoys their food at Merry Ann’s Diner on Gregory Street in Urbana on Sept. 28. Merry Ann’s Diner is one of the many breakfast/brunch locations on campus where you can find cheaper food to enjoy with your dad this weekend.

Fill your belly this Dads Weekend without emptying your wallet

By Cassie Reichert, Contributing Writer October 31, 2019

You’ve already tailgated and watched the game with your dad. Now it’s Sunday and your dad wants to end his visit by treating you to a hearty breakfast before it’s back to dorm food or cooking for...

The weekend goes on without dad

The weekend goes on without dad

By Christine Sheriff, Contributing Writer October 31, 2019

By Christine Sheriff Contributing Writer The leaves are changing, and soon, dads from all over will be visiting campus to enjoy a weekend of fun with their kids. Dads Weekend is a way to spend quality...

Meghan Lyons and her father celebrate on the field of Memorial Stadium after the historic win against Wisconsin during the Homecoming game Oct. 19. Lyons encourages students to show appreciation for their dads this Dads Weekend.

Show appreciation for your dad this weekend

By Meghan Lyons, Contributing Writer October 31, 2019

Next weekend, thousands of students will have their dads or parental figures come to campus for Dads Weekend. For some, Dads Weekend is a time where fathers get the opportunity to relive their college...

Bella Keys and her father stand in front of a sign at the Alpha Chi Omega house. Bella enjoys bonding with both her parents each Dads Weekend.

Teach your mom to be ‘one of the boys’

By Bella Keys, Staff Writer October 31, 2019

Dads Weekend is a weekend for the boys, and even if you are not a boy, it’s the weekend to learn about what exactly it means to have a guys’ weekend. Unless, of course, your mom comes along for the...

Shivali Shukla is being held by her father at a young age. While Shukla’s father might not enjoy participating in Dads Weekend festivities, she shows that there is more than one way to enjoy the weekend with your father.

Celebrate with your anti-Dads Weekend dad

By Shivali Shukla, Staff Writer October 31, 2019

My dad hates driving. He also doesn’t like being in crowds, talking to strangers or waiting in long lines. He’s the kind of person who can walk into a Costco and come out in less than five minutes...

Dad mooching 101

Dad mooching 101

By Jessica Xu, Contributing Writer November 1, 2018

Quality time is a common value amongst families, especially between parents and their kids. But who said you couldn't spend quality time with someone else's parents? If your dad isn't able to visit...

Give your dad the ultimate Illini experience

Give your dad the ultimate Illini experience

By Ava Traverso, Contributing Writer November 1, 2018

It can be stressful to think of what activities to do when your dad comes to town. This Dads Weekend, take the time to make sure your dad gets your version of the authentic Illini experience. Here are...

Students talk dads

Students talk dads

By Serina Taluja, Assistant Special Sections Editor November 1, 2018

Our dads tend to be people close to our hearts for being people who love, care for and support us through the thick and thin. Our dads are there to offer sound advice, to lend a hand or simply to listen....

Grumpy dads require special attention

Grumpy dads require special attention

By Yoav Margalit, Staff Writer November 1, 2018

When we discuss the behaviors of some of nature’s creatures, we often forget about the less exotic flavors of what we might find. The jaguar is taken to be more interesting than the squirrel, and the...

A dad whose story continues to inspire

By Molly Nguyen, Contributing Writer November 1, 2018

When I was younger, my dad told me dozens of stories about his life. I was fascinated by each one, but one in particular sticks with me the most. The story I am about to share really defines who he is:...

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