Dad mooching 101

By Jessica Xu, Contributing Writer

Quality time is a common value amongst families, especially between parents and their kids. But who said you couldn’t spend quality time with someone else’s parents?

If your dad isn’t able to visit you, make an adventure out of becoming a temporary member of someone else’s family.

Despite this happy and warm atmosphere of Dads Weekend, many students do not have the chance to enjoy this special quality time with their fathers. Unfortunately, because of long distance and possible time conflict, many fathers of international students won’t be able to travel to attend a short weekend on campus. And even domestic students are vulnerable to miss out on such memorable experiences.

Therefore, while Dads Weekend has been long awaited for by many students and their dads, it might also be a sad, sentimental time for students who cannot reunite with their dads and miss things related to their families or even home countries.

But don’t worry — there are in fact numerous ways to ensure your weekend is still enjoyable and you may be able to spend time with a dad, just not your own. After all, this weekend is the perfect opportunity to meet a key member of your friends’ families.

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Dads from all over will be eager for their visit, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider contributing to the celebration. Show off your campus knowledge and help your friends give their dads a campus-wide tour. But before you adorn your tour guide persona, ask your friend if you can come first.

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a Dads Weekend without your actual dad. Embrace the idea of the value of dads, and take the time to get to know them. Welcome your friend’s dad, instead of being upset that yours couldn’t make it.

In the mean time, don’t let being without your dad get you down.

Although Dads Weekend is a well-known University event, there are plenty of other weekends and ways to communicate with your dad from a distance. Perhaps a phone call or a FaceTime with him will help push your homesickness aside and allow you to feel better about your dad not being able to make it.

Even if your dad is not coming for Dads Weekend, there are still plenty of ways to spend this special weekend without missing your dad too much. And don’t forget, Dads Weekend is an annual event, so there will be more opportunities in the future.

If your dad gets jealous, just tell him it was only temporary.

Jessica is a freshman in DGS.

[email protected]