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Maaike Niekerk

“Let’s meat” pizza from Mia Za’s Cafe

‘Let’s meat’ pizza

May 23, 2023

This restaurant truly has something for everyone, as meals are completely customizable by the customer. A range of pre-designed pastas, pizzas and salads are available for anyone not feeling particularly creative.

With two size options for a pizza, regular and large, Mia Za’s gets creative with their listed pizza offerings, from a chicken fajita flavor to a pizza topped with mac and cheese.

For those like me who are unable to pick just one topping for a pizza, the cleverly named “let’s meat” option is particularly appealing, as it combines two kinds of pepperoni along with sausage with a barbecue sauce drizzle to finish.

To complete your meal, Mia Za’s offers an abundance of fruity lemonades, along with assorted desserts in a glass case next to the front register. With fairly reasonable prices, the homemade desserts and beverages are hard to resist.

The eight inch pizza makes a perfect meal for one, especially when topped with an assortment of meats. Though it may not look large, the personal pizza is sufficiently filling and tasty.

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    For a thin crust enjoyer, the pizza delivered, being crisp around the edges and softer in the middle. The ratio of toppings to cheese to sauce did not disappoint, though the barbecue drizzle was a little heavier than expected.

    For a beverage, my choice of strawberry lemonade was the star of the meal. Refreshing and tasting as bright and colorful as it looked, the drink was well worth a $2.40 charge in both flavor and size.

    Perhaps the most unexpected win of the meal was my selected dessert: an impulse-bought brownie out of a tub at the front for a mere dollar and sixty cents. 

    While many brownies overdo it, the Mia Za’s brownie hits a perfect level of richness, making it easy to finish in one sitting and appropriately priced.

    While the pizza may have been slightly more expensive than its value, side dishes and beverages at Mia Za’s are, unlike many food items on campus, appropriately priced. 

    A refreshing Champaign classic, Mia Za’s is a solid choice, despite its main dishes falling into the Green Street trend of being slightly overpriced. 

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