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Lisa Chasanov

The Bread Company’s french onion soup includes a striking gruyère cheese pull

French onion soup

June 9, 2023

As part of the half-and-half lunch deal at The Bread Company, visitors can mix and match salads, sandwiches and soups.

Along with the grilled chicken sandwich, I opted to try the french onion soup.

With my only previous experience trying french onion soup being the preprepared iteration served at ISR, I was excited to dig into The Bread Company’s take on the upscale classic.

The gourmet soup looked a little bit intimidating at first, topped with an overflown golden brown cheese crust. Upon breaking in, however, the delicious smell of the broth overtook any other assumptions.

The soup has an amazing savory flavor, complete with no shortage of onions and an entire slice of bread inside. The cheese compliments the broth perfectly, melting the second it enters the bowl.

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    Even though there was an inevitable sogginess to the slice of bread baked into the soup, the flavor trumped any texture aversion. The bread, cheese and onion made a great combination of flavors for an amazing sandwich pairing.

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