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Maaike Niekerk

The Bread Company’s grilled chicken sandwich and french onion soup

Grilled chicken sandwich

June 9, 2023

A cool and shady corner inside of the restaurant was a nice break from the blindingly sunny weather outside.

Even during a fairly busy lunch rush, my soup and sandwich were out in a matter of minutes. The wait for my meal wasn’t a long one, but I took the time to admire the space and engage in some light people watching. People did not seem to be in a rush, using their lunchtime as an opportunity to engage socially with one another and savor their food.

The Bread Company’s grilled chicken sandwich, exclusively a part of the lunch menu, is close to perfection. The mix of chicken with tomatoes, pickles, onion and cheese is mouthwatering from the moment you see it.

The bread itself does not disappoint either, holding the moist contents of the sandwich together, although just barely. This isn’t a meal where you’ll need a napkin after every bite, but things might get a little messy if you were to order the full sandwich instead of just the half.

The bacon chipotle aioli used on the sandwich is phenomenal and sets the flavors apart from other local sandwiches. Filling and flavorful, this will definitely be my go-to lunch option at The Bread Company.

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