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Lisa Chasanov

Choco-mel popcorn

June 16, 2023

When many people think of popcorn, they think of going to the movies with the intention of savoring the snack over the course of a two-hour film — but inadvertently finishing the whole tub before the trailers are over. 

That tangy and salty buttered popcorn that comes in the paper bag or branded tub evokes nostalgia and comfort. However, CPBP Popcorn is something different, and it’s quite a joy to see all the different flavors of popcorn.

That’s right, popcorn doesn’t have to just be caramel, kettle corn or even cheesy corn — CPBP Popcorn has over a dozen different flavors. What caught my attention were the chocolate and white chocolate flavored popped kernels. 

Sure, the price was a little up there for a bag of popcorn that wasn’t as big as a medium theater bag, but for the taste and the creativity, it was well worth it.

The chocolate popcorn tasted like an even sweeter caramel corn and it was quite a delightful treat to enjoy while sitting on my couch to watch television.

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    Each kernel was coated in what seemed to be a milk chocolate glaze, resulting in a crunchy bite and a smooth flavor.


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