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Lisa Chasanov

The back corner of CBPB, which features an antique popcorn machine and several tins available for purchase to customers.

Devil’s dust

June 16, 2023

At a glance, CBPB Popcorn Shop’s “Devil Dust” flavor looks like any normal cheese popcorn. However, the somewhat threatening name does make you wonder what’s unique about it.

The flavor piqued my curiosity enough for me to buy a small bag and give it a try.

Made with habanero peppers, the popcorn absolutely lives up to its name. One piece is enough to set your mouth on fire for a minute or two, depending on your spice tolerance.

While the heat doesn’t entirely take over the flavor of the snack, it comes a little close to the line. The popcorn is still enjoyable, especially because it doesn’t disappoint with its spice.

If you’re thinking about giving the Devil Dust popcorn a try, I might recommend having a cup of milk on hand, just in case. For more adventurous popcorn enjoyers, it is easily a must-try flavor.

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