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Lisa Chasanov

Mushroom Peppers at Windy City Express in Urbana

Mushroom Peppers

June 23, 2023

Prior to entering Windy City Express on Tuesday, I had no idea what a “mushroom pepper” was. Upon asking the kind staff member behind the order counter, he politely explained that a mushroom pepper was a lightly breaded and fried mushroom that could come as a custom side dish with any of the restaurant’s entrees.

On an adventurous whim, I decided to give the intriguing new dish a try. 

When the mushroom peppers were served, they were instantly visually impressive.

The outer shell of breading was sumptuously golden brown. Crispy with a good amount of flavor, the fried breading complemented the marinated mushroom caps inside.

The mushrooms provided a warm, satisfying balance to the breading, contributing to a varied eating experience and a welcome substitute for fries in an otherwise uneventful meal.

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    As a vegetarian paying a visit to a meat-centric restaurant, I did not expect to find such an intriguing new dish to experience. Although it was not exactly the most health-conscious choice on the menu, it was satisfying nonetheless.

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