9 Best Places to Nap on Campus

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By David Rothmund and Sehar Siddiqui

You’re studying, and you’ve gotta sleep. We present here the best places to nap on campus. 

1 | The Illini Union’s President’s Lounge

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The name says it all.

2 | Undergraduate Library

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Have a convo, take a nap (even if it’s on the floor behind a bookshelf).  Repeat.

3 | Grainger Engineering Library

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Don’t snore. Someone might hit you.

4 | Lincoln Hall

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Newly renovated means newer cushions, obviously.

5 | The Illini Union’s North Lounge

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The blue and orange fish in the tanks add something special to the lounge’s ambience.

6 | Foreign Language Building

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Nap, learn how to say “hello” in another language, fight someone if they try to take your spot to do something productive, like homework.

7 | Main Quad

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The squirrels might make a good companion.

8 | KAM’S

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“I’m not passed out, really. I’m just napping. I promise.”

9 | Your bed

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‘Nuff said.

David and Sehar can be reached at [email protected]