Fun in the Sun: The top 3 spring break destinations

By Christen McGlynn

Let the countdown begin. In just two short days, students will be ready for a constant flow of sunshine, booze, friends and, most importantly, no exams. The typical college stigma of endless partying is associated with this well-known time of year: spring break. And, for students at the University, this Friday marks the start of this coveted week-long vacation. For those itching to get away from Champaign (and Illinois), bags are being packed, and many will be seeking an alternative atmosphere to Foellinger Auditorium and the UGL. With a variety of options and places available, how is a student to decide where to go for this overly anticipated week? The consensus between, Total Frat Move (more commonly known as TFM) and the general University population has led to three top places:

Panama City Beach, Fla.

Spring breakers from the University who are headed to Panama City Beach may be getting a great deal regarding prices, but they will have missed out on the annual Luke Bryan concert. Each year, Bryan returns to perform at the Spinnaker Beach Club. But fear not, future-PCB goers, there are still an extensive amount of activities available at this destination. With weather in the upper 60’s for the week, Panama City Beach will be the perfect place for outdoor fun. notes renting scooters, riding the “Slingshot” (a local amusement park ride) and driving dune buggies on the beach as top attractions. Available “party packages” also allow guests 21 and over VIP entry into Spinnaker’s Beach Club, which includes free beer, food discounts and a variety of other opportunities depending upon which package is bought. While the Platinum Pass offers a range of perks such as separate club entry and discounted drinks, the Gold City Pass still offers free alcohol and access to local beach parties. However, Sean Julian, junior in ACES and 2012 attendee, said the best part was just sitting on the beach and getting a tan with her friends. 

South Padre, Texas

A favorite destination within the Greek system, South Padre hosts one of the largest spring breaks for college students. Caroline Everette, sophomore in AHS, is currently acting as the liaison between her sorority and Inertia, a company who books most of spring break trips to South Padre for University students. While she said the process is very stressful regarding contracts and flight information, they are excited for the upcoming weekend. 

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    “My favorite part of the trip was the booze cruise; it was awesome,” said Alyssa Giovannoni, junior in ACES, who went to South Padre last year for spring break. She said the booze cruise lasted a couple of hours and described the scene as more than 100 college students crammed onto one boat. With the room only costing around $400 and having her friend’s company, the entire trip was well worth it, she said. 

    Cancun, Mexico

    Seniors at the University seem to save Mexico for their last spring break destination. Those planning to cross borders this Friday will be met with hot weather and endless opportunities for fun. Last year, Cancun welcomed the first-ever Inception Music Festival, which brought in more than 30,000 attendees. This year, Cancun offers the same EDM music festival, urging its spring breakers to attend the beach in the morning and clubs at night for a non-stop party atmosphere. According to StudentCity, this particular spring break trip costs about $1,300, with air fare included. 

    Wherever University students end up, these top spring break spots allow for ample opportunity to de-stress from a long week of midterms. Bon voyage!

    Christen is a junior in Media. She can be reached at [email protected].