Former Phi Mu house under contract with Acacia Fraternity

In the absence of inhabitants, the former Phi Mu house, located at 302 East Armory Avenue in Champaign, is now under negotiations with Acacia Fraternity for a sale.

In December, a meeting was held to discuss the options that the Delta Beta Chapter of Phi Mu had in regards to their house on the University’s campus.

Molly Williams, Phi Mu Fraternity Vice President, Darlene Reyes, Phi Mu Executive Director and Delta Beta Chapter alumnae were present at the meeting.

Last year, the University’s chapter of Phi Mu was shut down by their national office due to a decline in membership.

The house is still owned by Phi Mu Fraternity but is currently under contract with Acacia Fraternity.

“Many factors entered into the decision to accept the contract by Acacia.” said Kris Bridges, Phi Mu National President. “Phi Mu Fraternity continues to work with (the University) on the return of the Delta Beta Chapter to campus.”

The University’s chapter of Acacia Fraternity has been looking to acquire property for their members for the past seven and a half years.

Mike Duncan, chairman of the Real Estate Search Committee of the Alumni Board of the Heth Chapter of Acacia, confirmed that the fraternity is negotiating to acquire property but it is preliminary to say whether or not the organization is buying a certain one.

“During this time we’ve evaluated 31 different properties in Champaign and Urbana and we narrowed it down to ten finalists and aggressively pursued three of those.” Duncan said.

Acacia is planning on having a final announcement within 30 days about which property they will be purchasing.