Best Coffee: Caffe Paradiso

By Caroline Sweeney, Staff Writer

Caffe Paradiso has taken the title of the best coffee in Champaign-Urbana. While the cafe is well known for its delicious coffee, it also has a wonderful atmosphere, making it a place where students and locals alike love to study and spend time. The combination of energizing coffee and charming decor makes Caffe Paradiso a perfect place to be.

If you find yourself craving a sweet or savory snack, the cafe offers a wide variety of options. You can choose from build-your-own sandwiches, bagels and a variety of pastries in its dessert case, giving you an option for whatever mood you’re in.

If you like your coffee a little more on the sweet side, Caffe Paradiso offers a multitude of different flavors. The cafe also serves classic coffee drinks such as lattes and hot macchiatos. 

Another thing that makes Caffe Paradiso so different is the unique seating. There are different kinds of chairs, tables and benches to choose from. The tables vary in size from two seaters to tables that can fit up to seven or eight.

There is even outdoor seating so you can enjoy your warm coffee in the fall breeze or an iced coffee in the blazing summer.

Caffe Paradiso is located on 801 S. Lincoln Ave. If you’re in need of a quality cup of joe, head on over to the Urbana side of campus. If you have time, stick around and study for a bit, hang out with your friends or just sip your coffee and enjoy the vibes.

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