Best Library: Grainger Engineering Library

By Marilyn MacLaren, Assistant buzz Editor

The Grainger Engineering Library, located on the Bardeen Quadrangle, offers many different features and amenities that will fit any type of student and their study needs. Whether it’s having a quiet, focused space to yourself or working on a group project with friends, Grainger has officially been voted as the best library on campus.

Looking to study with friends? Grainger offers many private study rooms that can be reserved for free, as well as TV monitors, whiteboards and split-screen desktop computers. 

Need to take a snack break? Located on the main floor is Espresso Royale, which serves coffee, tea and daily specials that are perfect for a anyone needing caffeine boost when pulling an all-nighter. Small tables and armchairs near the cafe offer a place to relax in between study sessions or to catch a quick bite before heading to class. 

Having trouble concentrating? The second and third floors are specifically designated as quiet study spaces that have individual desks, spacious tables and a great view of the Bardeen Quad. The layout of the second and third floors offer a lot of natural light that comes through and keeps the space feeling open and welcoming, which can be helpful when studying is stressing you out.

Out of all the libraries on campus, Grainger is certainly the most versatile, being open for 24 hours throughout the week and 10 a.m. to midnight Saturday and Sunday. 

The basement, which includes the Computer-Based Testing Facility, or the CBTF, features more private study rooms, as well as food-friendly areas that are great spaces for groups to meet to discuss a project.

With finals season coming sooner than you think, take advantage of all that the Grainger Engineering Library has to offer as the best library here at the University.


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