Best Study Spot: ACES Library

By Lucy Bridges, Staff Writer

At a university with nearly 35,000 undergraduate students and hundreds of buildings on campus, there are countless spots that people gravitate to when they need to study for exams, write essays or do homework. 

However, the people of Champaign-Urbana voted the Funk Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences Library, commonly known as the ACES Library, as the best study spot in C-U.

Conveniently located right off the South Quad and close to student residents in Urbana, the ACES Library attracts students from all areas of study. There are four levels of work space, and the first three are dedicated to rows of books and study spaces, while the fourth level has laboratories and offices. In the ACES Library, there are countless areas to sit and have a study-filled work day. 

The ACES Library has a unique architectural structure of an octagonal shape that provides a 360-degree view of campus. The floor-to-ceiling windows allow natural light to shine through for students studying in the daytime. 

The ACES Library allows for a dynamic array of students’ study needs. Students who prefer silence while studying can find a table or chair tucked in a quiet corner of the book shelves, while students who enjoy a more social and active study environment can settle at a desktop table or comfy leather chair near the center of the library. 

Students can shuffle through the ACES Library before, between and after their classes to fulfill any of their studying needs. With hundreds of books available for research purposes and dozens of unique and comfortable areas to sit, the ACES Library has won over the academic minds and hearts of students at the University.


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