Best on-campus bar: KAMS

By Faith Allendorf, Managing Editor for Reporting

Wondering where to go on Friday night? Look no further than the home of the drinking Illini: KAMS.

KAMS, located in its 2-year-old building at 102 E. Green St., is an on-campus bar that offers drinks and good times in a club-like space. The space is lit up by iridescent neon lights and has two stories with various areas to go. On the second floor, there is a balcony protected by a roof. 

On the bottom floor, there is an outside area that is more closed off than the one on the second floor. On the wall that faces the entrance is a painting of Alma Mater wearing an orange KAMS jersey.

The atmosphere is energetic and fast moving, and the DJs always play the best music. KAMS is also relatively more sanitary than other on-campus bars, and even though people are always close to each other, it is never too hot.

While KAMS is new to Green Street, the name is not new to the campus community. The “KAMS” name has been around since the 1930s and has gone through many, many changes. Most recently, in 2019, KAMS’ previous location at East Daniel Street was closed, and the bar reopened in 2020 at its current location.

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    Although the location has changed, the tradition has not. KAMS still serves their iconic drink, the Illini Blue Guy, and the classic painting of Alma Mater wearing a KAMS jersey was repainted.

    KAMS offers many specials for drinks and cover pay throughout the week. For example, on most Mondays, anyone 21 and over can get in for free and Blue Guys are $2 instead of $5. There are also always deals during the day on weekends, especially when there is a big event like a football game. 

    If you’re looking for something to do on a Friday night, look no further than KAMS. Stop in, get a Blue Guy and don’t forget to ice out.


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