Best local band: Kangaroo Court

By Kylie Corral, buzz Editor

Music is alive and well in the Champaign-Urbana community. With plenty of venues, lots of talent and just the right amount of fans, the C-U area has been a perfect place for music lovers and musicians to coexist with one another.

Kangaroo Court, a local band formed by students from the University of Illinois, was formed last year in October 2021. This year, they’ve been voted as the best local band.

The band consists of four members: lead singer Jake Luce, lead guitarist Garrett Frank, bassist Noah Tennison and drummer Cody Spiezio. With the band’s common appearances and performances across C-U, they’ve steadily made a reputation, staying in the minds of students and locals alike.

Kangaroo Court is known for its lively tunes, bringing in a well-received atmosphere to fans and first-time visitors. More about its shows and music can be found on the band’s Instagram page:  @kangaroocourtmusic.

Community is often brought together by many things, and the musical experience that Kangaroo Court has brought to the C-U area is one of those factors that has left a lasting impact on those who live here. This local band has brought in votes for being the best local band for their music and talent and rightly so.

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