‘The Walk Home’ exudes beauty in challenges of growing older


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Rock band Young the Giant releases their newest album “Act II: Exile” on Friday. The group only produced four songs for this album.

By Lucy Bridges, Staff Writer

American rock band, Young the Giant, released its fifth studio album, “Act II: Exile,” last Friday. The band has been playing together for 18 years and has evolved and grown to create the music that they produce in today’s entertainment industry. “Act II: Exile” is the second part of their album Act I: Origins, released in July. 

Act II: Exile consists only of four songs, “My Way,” “Insomnia,” “Tonight” and “The Walk Home.” Although the album’s track list is short, each song is complex in its own nature, encapsulating the smooth vocals of lead singer Sameer Gadhia, the intertwining tunes produced by different notes of guitars and piano, as well as the moving and intricate lyrics that bring emotion to each song.

The lyrics are sung softly and delicately, but the words carry deep meaning about love, life and loneliness. The lightness of Gadhia’s voice allows for the lyrics of the album to be interpreted differently by each listener. In the chorus of “Tonight” the lines read, “You look in the mirror, baby. Tell me, what do you see this time?” This line then feeds into lyrics that can have a range of different meanings like realizing self-image in relationships or prioritizing self-value and love. 

Although there are few songs on the rock band’s newest album, there is no shortage in the variation of emotion felt and expressed in the songs. While “Insomnia” and “Tonight” contain melancholy lyrics and reflect broken hearts and loneliness, “My Way” and “The Walk Home” reflect a sense of hope for the future, finding comfort and necessity in loneliness that life can bring. Young the Giant finds a way to exude beauty in the challenges of growing older.

Lead vocalist, Gadhia showcases a wide vocal range in his ability to highlight the lightness and tenderness of the track “Insomnia” through the use of high, drawn-out notes. Gadhia uses more mid-range vocals in the other tracks, but continues to draw and mix notes together, making his voice flow smoothly and naturally. 

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Young the Giant incorporated naturally stellar instrumentation throughout all four songs but were careful not to overpower the vocals that the guitars and piano blend together to create beautifully constructed melodies. Each tune and rhythm match the emotion that the vocals emanate, creating music that enhances the feelings of the listener. As an important bonus, the melodies created are joyfully catchy and easy to love.  

Young the Giant not only has crafted four beautifully written and recorded songs, but they have released an album that is unique. The songs are calming, they radiate emotion and depth and they are constructed with effortlessly sounding vocals and instrumentation. In addition, Young the Giant has matured its music with the times, transforming the American rock band into one unlike any other band of their genre. 


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