RHODES releases sneak peak to upcoming album


Photo courtesy of Genius

Musician RHODES released his single “Friends Like These” on Sept. 30. He will be releasing the whole album in January 2023.

By Lucy Bridges, Staff Writer

British Musician RHODES is set to release his second studio album, “Friends Like These,” in January 2023. In preparation for the upcoming release, RHODES released his single, “Friends Like These” on Sept. 30. RHODES is a young singer who has been gaining popularity since the release of his first album “Wishes” in 2015. Since then, RHODES has continued writing and performing, accumulating over 1.4 million monthly listeners on Spotify. 

“Friends Like These” tells a story of the beauty of childhood nostalgia and hope for lasting relationships in the future. With his passionate lyrics and authentic voice, RHODES provokes emotions from the audience that radiate joy. In an Instagram post announcing the release of his single, RHODES revealed the purpose behind the meaning of “Friends Like These.”

“I wanted to write a song reminiscing of those endless nights you’d have as kids and how those memories and sometimes, if you’re lucky, those people stick with you for life,” RHODES wrote. 

Showcasing his wide vocal range, RHODES sings breathy mouthfuls of lyrics using his head voice. The vibrato effect throughout the song proved the dynamic capabilities of the young musician’s vocal talent. In association with higher pitch music, emotions are stirred in the listeners that are parallel to those of euphoria, comfort and cheer. 

Although the style of the track is not outstandingly unique, as it is similar to that of other indie pop musicians. Lyrics of the tune “Friends Like These” are what shape the track into a purposeful and moving piece of music. As a young artist, RHODES uses personal words and anecdotes to create a harmonious blend of emotion and energy which writes a story that is personal, but relatable to his audience. 

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In verse two, RHODES sings, “As we ran through the field, you promised we’ll never get old / Children, can you feel, the night is taking hold.” Then, the track continues with the chorus as RHODES sings, “With friends like these / I can do as ever I please.” With an anecdotal style, the track’s lyrics represent the comfort that is evoked from nostalgic memories of childhood. RHODES is vulnerable with his listeners, helping draw personal emotions and connections to his words, revealing to his audience that lasting connections are valuable, but fond memories of the past are also powerful.  

Accompanying the dynamic lyrics, the track’s instrumentation adds depth and melodious beauty to the song. The sweet strumming of guitar carries a smooth sound throughout the entire track. Playing alongside is the steady, deep beat of the drums and the colorful hum of the keyboard.

Although the track is not up beat in its nature, it is fitting for the style of music that RHODES historically releases, which can be described as soothing with soft beats that melt into the gentle whisper of the guitar, keyboard and drums. As the song progresses, the sounds of these instruments tangle together, composing an ode to the precious, connective and bright memories that write RHODES’ story. 

Although repetitive in its sense of lyricism, “Friends Like These” opens listeners’ eyes to the playful yet meaningful world that RHODES’ new album is expected to create. As a prelude to the album coming in January, “Friends Like These” entices fans with its subtly powerful lyrics, harmonic instrumentation and RHODES’ ability to tell an empathetic story through the power of music. 


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