Girl in Red releases sequel tune to ‘We Fell in Love in October’


Sydney Laput

Girl in Red sings at Lollapalooza 2022 on July 29. The indie-pop singer recently released her newest single, “October Passed Me By,” on Friday.

By Lucy Bridges, Staff Writer

Indie-pop singer Girl in Red released a new single, “October Passed Me By,” on Friday. This song is a sequel to the singer’s famous single, “We Fell in Love in October,” which came out in 2018. “October Passed Me By” and “We Fell in Love in October” are two songs with many parallels, which tell a personal story.  

Norwegian singer Girl in Red started her journey in the music industry in 2017 when she began writing, singing and recording music. Her debut extended play, “chapter 1,” was released in 2018. Girl in Red created her music around the vibrance, emotion and power of the color red, also creating a platform for her music to grow on, calling it the “world in red.”

Girl in Red carries her famous soft vocals throughout “October Passed Me By,” creating and establishing a warm but dynamic sound that is able to move the meaningful lyrics with the flow of the song.  

“October Passed Me By” is unique as the lyrics are unlike any other song of its type. The lyrics are centered around the story told in Girl in Red’s single “We Fell in Love in October.” The two songs create the timeline of a story where two people fell in love in October. Now, after a fallen relationship and multiple years have gone by, the month of October holds bittersweet memories. 

In the first verse of “We Fell in Love in October” Girl in Red sings, “looking at the stars / admiring from afar” reminiscing on time spent with someone she loved. Similarly, in the new single, “October Passed Me By,” she sings, “I met you at the wrong time / didn’t want to see / I was busy with the stars / you were looking at me.” These lyrics paint a picture of the change that relationships go through. 

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Similarly, in the 2018 single, Girl in Red sings, “We fell in love in October,” signifying the emotional importance of the month, but in the new single she sings, “October passed me by just like any month,” showing how drastically heartbreak can alter a person’s life. Her vulnerability in this tune helps her break barriers with her audience, creating art and music that people can relate to. 

Helping with the flow of the song, “October Passed Me By” offers delicate instrumentation that is careful not to overpower Girl in Red’s soft vocals and meaningful lyrics. The guitar plays the main role in the song followed by the drums, which bring just enough energy to the track. Accompanying the instrumental music are vocal echoes of Girl in Red’s sweet voice, which make the transitions between vocals and instrumentation clean and fluent. 

As mid-October approaches, “October Passed Me By” offers a fitting autumnal tune that is meaningful and relatable, allowing Girl in Red fans to sing along to a fall melody that is rich in character, creativity and growth. 


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