‘The Watcher’ maintains Netflix Top 10 spot with sinister themes


Photo courtesy of IMDB

Actor Bobby Cannavale stars in Netflix’s latest show “The Watcher.” The first season was released on Oct. 13.

By Kaitlyn Devitt, Staff Writer

Netflix released a variety of new psychological horror films and series throughout October, with “The Watcher” shooting onto their listed of Top 10 TV shows, sweeping the streaming world. 

“The Watcher” depicts the true story of a family moving into the suburbs of New Jersey and into their new home, which seems to have a dark past. The cast features the infamous Jennifer Coolidge, Naomi Watts, Bobby Cannavale, Margo Martindale and other incredibly talented actors.

The story follows Watts, Cannavale and their two kids as they move out of New York City in order to raise their children in a safer environment. Their new home seems like a dream come true, with a huge yard for the kids and a pool — not to mention it’s an architectural fantasy.

As they start to get to know the neighborhood, their dream turns into more of a nightmare. They quickly receive intense criticism from all of their neighbors regarding the boundaries of people being on their property, their plans to renovate the home and their overall attitude toward the community.

Despite the family attempting to fit into their new town, their attempts are futile, and they only grow more uncomfortable when they receive an anonymous letter addressed to the new owners of 657 Boulevard. 

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The cryptic letter mentions their children and informs them that their house has a chilling history that no one filled them in on before they dropped their entire savings to buy the house. The end of the letter is signed by “The Watcher,” who lets them know that this won’t be their last correspondence.

The rightfully creeped out couple take their concerns to the police, who seem irresponsibly uninterested by their worries, retorting that this is one of the safest towns in America.

As the events get more suspicious and frequent, the couple decides to take matters into their own hands and seek out a private investigator.

They attempt to question their neighbors themselves, which winds up in a twisted tragedy that only brings more confusion to the case. As they dig deeper into their stalker’s identity, they unravel more and more disturbing facts that only seem to draw them further from the truth.

The cast of the show does a fabulous job bringing the story to life, and each character is thoughtfully portrayed through their costume design, dialogue and acute mannerisms, making the tale all the more thrilling. 

Despite the main cast consisting of many well-known actors, this doesn’t diminish the story and instead draws the audience in all the more. Many of the actors are taken out of their typical roles and take on more dramatic performances throughout the show, which highlights their versatility in Hollywood and shows viewers a more complex side to their acting abilities. 

The landscape, color scheme and overall set design all contribute to the eerie feeling the show gives off and is a dead reminder to the audience that this picture perfect town is not quite what it seems. These elements, coupled with a sinister soundtrack, produce a viewing experience that draws you into the anxieties of the characters and their darkest fears.

Possibly the creepiest part of the story lies within the fact that the events are based on real people, letting the audience know that this could potentially happen to anyone.

The mysterious events come off as uncanny and impossible, yet as the plot develops it becomes clear that everything happens for a nonmagical reason. Nearly every twist and turn is expanded on and logically debunked as the film progresses. 

Although their theories and explanations are often paired with an opposing opinion, this keeps the terrified couple in the dark about the real circumstances occurring in their new home.

With only seven episodes and each lasting around 50 minutes each, the show is certainly a binge-worthy experience, with every episode leaving the viewer wanting more.


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