Måneskin presents fans with music-video for song ‘The Loneliest’

Rock band Måneskin debut their song The Loneliest on Oct. 7.
The Loneliest is the bands third single release from their album Rush! set to release January next year.

Photo courtesy of Genius

Rock band Måneskin debut their song “The Loneliest” on Oct. 7. “The Loneliest” is the band’s third single release from their album “Rush!” set to release January next year.

Måneskin, a rock band that formed in 2016, is well known for energetic and colorful tunes, such as fan favorite songs like “Beggin’” and “I Wanna be Your Slave.” The band’s fame grew around a year later, after finishing in second place on the Italian X Factor show, bringing them fans locally as well as abroad.

The Italian rock band is composed of four musicians: Damiano David, the lead singer, Victoria De Angelis, who plays the bass, Thomas Raggi, the guitarist and Ethan Torchio, who plays the drums. Within the last month, this musical act has come together to create yet another well-received song titled “THE LONELIEST.”

“THE LONELIEST” is a tune that deviates from the band’s previous upbeat tracks it has released in previous albums. Where other songs might suit a happier situation, this one embraces the melancholy of the lyrics, accompanied by a music video that also compliments the mood.

The video opens with the lead singer submerged in a body of water, which later jumps to the title of the song displayed over the heads of people attending a funeral. Already, Måneskin seems to set the mood with these cryptic images and depiction of loss.

David jumps straight to singing the first lyrics, which say, “You’ll be the saddest part of me/A part of me that will never be mine/It’s obvious/Tonight is gonna be the loneliest.” Right away, David establishes this song as one about loss — whether that be metaphorically or literally.

While the tune can be interpreted as the singer mourning over a lost relationship, the music video presents the general theme of loss, interpreted best by the audience. With all four members attending a mystery person’s funeral, the overall gothic vibe and sad atmosphere given by the music video helps land the tune in fan’s hearts.

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    Lyrics like “Cause I don’t know about the time I’ve got left here/The only thing I know now is that I wanna spend it/With you, and nobody else here,” add to the singer’s distress over the end of his connection with this mystery person.

    The acting within the music video itself strengthens the meaning of these lines, with David having to be held up by his fellow band members as he spits up water that he was seen drowning in before the video commenced. The lead singer also falls from the sky between takes of the funeral attendees and the band, adding to the sense of his inability to feel grounded in the situation.

    Some of the most memorable lines from the band’s song are, “I’m sorry but I got to go/If you ever miss me give this song another go.” This line both connects the story to the lyrics, but it also draws listeners in, prompting fans to remember this song, so that they might come back to it when it is needed.

    Well into the last chorus of the song, David cries out after reading a short eulogy that he spit out, along with the water. Everybody runs away, except for the three remaining members, who look concerned for their main singer. 

    The sun finally emerges after the shower that has persisted throughout the music video, and David leaves his friends’ arms for a watery grave, leaving him in the same place he was in the start of the tune.

    Måneskin has reached 12 million views on this new music video and song, expanding the variety of their genre as well as adding to the collection of fan favorite songs since its debut. Although “THE LONELIEST” is a little on the melancholy side, the vocals and collaborations of the band members have made it a tune that’s hard to ignore.


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