‘Home Alone’ brings holiday spirit to C-U community


Odeth Rubio

CU community comes together to watch a holiday classic at the Virginia Theater on Dec. 8. Champaign Virginia Theater held a “Throwback Thursday” night which screened the holiday classic “Home Alone” with a special appearance of a cast member of the film during the end of the showing.

By Odeth Rubio, Assistant buzz Editor

The classic holiday film, “Home Alone,” which has been loved since its release date in of 1990, was shown this past Thursday night, Dec. 8, at Champaign’s own Virginia Theatre for its “Throwback Thursday” series. “Home Alone” is widely known and regarded in American pop culture and has been a favorite for decades because of its comedic nature, theme of family and iconic characters.  

Jeff Headley, a manager at Virginia Theatre, shared that Throwback Thursday came as a partnership with the Illini Radio Group. Headley shared that they chose “Home Alone” for a screening during Throwback Thursday as it is a classic film. 

“Home Alone is just a classic movie from the ‘90s,” Headley said. “We’re trying to look for the ones that the people, the community want.”

The film centers around the character Kevin McAllister, who is the youngest in his family and was accidentally left behind by his relatives when they fly to Paris. Kevin is believed to have wished his family gone the night before, as a result of his complicated relationship with them, which often leaves him feeling singled out. He quickly tries to navigate life by himself at home but encounters various challenges. 

However, when sensing he is in danger, as a result of thieves trying to break in, and as he begins to feel lonely, he tries to wish for his family back.

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The film then progresses to show Kevin’s battle against the thieves alongside his newly developed friendship with his neighbor he believed to be scary as a result of rumors, Marley. 

The night started with the cheering and clapping of the audience when the film’s title was shown on the screen, beginning the film. 

Frank Cabrera recalled his favorite part of the night was the fact that the movie was “Home Alone.” 

“Definitely the movie, I think that the movie is really fun,” Cabrera said. 

The audience was in for a surprise as an actor from “Home Alone” attended the showing, who happened to be the granddaughter of Marley, Kevin’s older neighbor in the film. The crowd was extremely excited to hear this and to be around someone who is part of this iconic film. 

The granddaughter is seen in the film when Marley speaks with Kevin at the church, where they both bond over their family issues. Marley’s granddaughter is seen with the church choir singing and again in the end when Marley reunites with his family. 

Julia Jakubik and Danny Blidy said that they were both drawn to the showing because they were looking for things to do, stumbling upon this event. They also said believed it was a good way to start the new season. 

“I figured it was a good way to start the Christmas season,” Blidy said and Jakubik agreed. 

Virginia Theatre has a wide-space with numerous seats, which allows for the community to feel like they can gather. The theater also has an eye-catching design inside and outside, with different prints and designs in its wall, while also having a unique ceiling, all distinguishable even with the lights dimmed. 

When recalling their favorite part of the night Jakubik said hers was the movie theater’s ambiance and surroundings. 

“ I really liked being in the movie theater and seeing the old architecture and everything in the holiday spirit,” Jakubik said. 

Jakubik also commented on how the hallways of the theater were filled with holiday decorations such as Christmas trees, colorful lights, gift boxes and more. 

Blidy recalled his favorite part of the night was seeing the actor who was in the film, Marley’s granddaughter, in person.

The audience responded to various lines delivered by Kevin with a loud and collected laugh, showing the charm of the film still remains. The audience ended the night as it started, by clapping and cheering when the end-credits were rolling, showing their clear love for the film and the night as a whole, indicating that “Home Alone” remains a timeless classic. 

Cabrera said her favorite part of the film is when the mom comes home after the adventure she went through to find Kevin. 

“My favorite part of the film was when the mom came in and saw all the gifts and stockings,” Cabrera said. “ (It’s) a very sweet, very wholesome moment, I actually cried a little bit.”

Blidy and Jakubik both stated they would recommend this event at the Virginia Theatre to others. 

“Yes with all my heart,” Jakubik said, with Bildy adding, “A hundred percent.”


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