Bad Bunny, Arcángel collaboration serves as a beautiful combination


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Bad Bunny and Arcángel come together with rap album release “Sr. Santos” on Dec. 1.

By Odeth Rubio, Assistant buzz Editor

Bad Bunny’s recent collaboration with Arcángel comes as no surprise for his fans, as they have collaborated numerous times. This collaboration was not for a group feature for Bad Bunny’s album; rather, the song comes as part of a collaboration in Arcángel’s newest album, “Sr. Santos,” which was released on Dec. 1 and has 18 tracks. 

Bad Bunny has recognized in many interviews that he would not be where he is today without Arcángel and their collaborations. Not only Bad Bunny, but numerous other artists have stated the deep influence Arcángel has had and currently has on reggaeton. In total, Arcángel and Bad Bunny have around 10+ songs together. 

The song focuses on a well-known individual who is at his peak and doing well in life while also being mesmerized by a girl, knowing he can use his status as a benefit to get the girl. The song also, in Bad Bunny’s part, discusses how as a result of his fame he accrues a reasonable amount of hate but he is thriving and making money regardless.  Many individuals have stated that this recent release means “Trap Bunny” is back, which refers to the beginning of Bad Bunny’s career, in which most if not all of his songs were trap. 

The collaboration serves as a beautiful combination of two important figures in Latin and reggaeton music. Arcángel has helped to boost the reggaeton scene and played a big role by helping artists like Bad Bunny. Bad Bunny respectively solidifies his record-breaking trajectory and popular culture with appearances he continues to make throughout the media as well. 

Arcangel opens up “La Jumpa” with “A ella no le gusta el reggaetón/ Pero le encanta cómo canta la sensación (Yeah)/ No fue mi intención (Yeah, yeah)/ Quedarme con to’a la atención/ vivo en una mansión y no me sé ni la dirección (Oh my God)/ Está cabrón, muy cabrón/ Papi Arca, pídanme la bendición (Ah; ¡auh!) prra.”

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    In this particular verse, which is in the beginning of the song, Arcángel talks about a woman/women in general that do not like reggaeton but love how “the sensation” sings, alluding to Bunny or him being “the sensation” as they both sing reggaeton. Then he talks about how it was not his intention to be taking everyone’s attention, alluding to the fact that he is out of place with this fame, as he lives in a mansion but does not even know his own address. He says it’s amazing, really amazing, and refers to himself as a priest, stating that others need to ask him for his blessing. 

    The part of his verse referring to himself as a priest and stating others need his blessing refers to the magnitude he holds in the reggaeton scene. 

    Bunny’s opening verse “Y yo la vi, anda con dos/ La amiga me miró/ Al VIP se pegó/ Claro que sí, claro que entró,” is a repeated verse from Arcángel, but what distinguishes this verse from the following one is “Hola, je/ mi nombre es Bad Bunny, un gusto, un placer.”

    Bunny then sings “Luka, step back/ La Jumpa (eh).” In this line he is referencing the famous basketball player from the Mavericks, Luka Dončić and his powerful moves that mesmerize basketball fans, as he is known for scoring at a great distance. This is not the only time Bunny has referenced Dončić and his athleticism in his music, as both are presumed to be fans of each other. 

    Dončić himself has made video reels highlighting his scores with this song and particular line in the background. 

    The title of the song, “La Jumpa,” refers to the sly moves of an individual, presumably the moves he takes to get a girl, referencing Dončić’s crazy but sly moves in his basketball games, as they both “step back” to focus on the objective of scoring and getting the attention of a significant other. 

    The powerful duo remains not only persistent in the charts but also persistent in the hearts of their fans and dedicated followers, who continue to support both throughout their projects together and individually. Bunny and Arcangel’s rhymes and melodies continue to captivate the audience around the world with fans who are currently awaiting for singles from Bad Bunny since his tour has recently ended and he is known for releasing music despite his “breaks.” 


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