Italian rock band Måneskin releases third studio album ‘Rush!’


Photo courtesy of Genius

On Jan. 20, Italian rock band Måneskin released their newest album, “Rush!” The 2021 Eurovision winners have garnered top spots on charts across seven different countries.

By Caroline Sweeney, Staff Writer

In 2021 Italian rock band, Måneskin, won Eurovision, which started their claim to fame outside of Italy. 

Now, as a very prevalent band in many countries, including the United States, they’ve released a new album that is the essence of rock ’n’ roll.

Måneskin’s third studio album, “Rush!” has climbed to the top of the charts in seven different countries and contains four songs that have been out as early as Oct. 2021. Those include “LA FINE,” “MAMMAMIA,” “SUPERMODEL” and “THE LONELIEST.”

All together, the album adds up to a total of 17 songs with a 52-minute run time. Vocalist Damiano David, bassist Victoria De Angelis, drummer Ethan Torchio and guitarist Thomas Raggi give an insight to the album in a video interview with Spotify.

“We noticed that there are like three different types of songs, like about the lyrics and um there’s like three different ways of reacting to all the pressure and stress we’ve been living in the past year,” De Angelis said in commentary alongside their album on Spotify.

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The first grouping of songs is “KOOL KIDS,” “BLA BLA BLA” and “MAMMAMIA.” These songs are all very fast paced and there are some notable elements on each of these tracks.

“KOOL KIDS” was written right after Måneskin had won Eurovision, when excitement was high. Everyone even sang on the track which is different from other songs where Damiano is typically the vocalist.

“BLA BLA BLA” was also one of the songs that De Angelis said he liked the most because of the freedom they were allowed to express in the song. 

“I really like when, in songs, you can feel the freedom to do whatever you like and not follow the rules, (the) schemes and the writing process,” De Angelis said in the same interview. “And you can be completely creative and provocative and just do something that’s completely real.”

“MAMMAMIA” was their first single release after their sophomore album “Teatro D’ira – Vol. I” and their win at Eurovision in 2021.”

“So you notice that some songs are like a big f*** off, and it’s just like provocative, arrogant lyrics,” De Angelis said. “Where It’s just like taking the piss of all the criticisms we’ve been receiving.”

The next grouping of songs are “TIMEZONE,” “IF NOT FOR YOU” and “THE LONELIEST.”

“TIMEZONE” is about long distance relationships and how touring all the time makes it hard to maintain those relationships. Working in the music industry means going to and from places year round, and how, sometimes, the fame that comes with that is love’s greatest enemy.

“IF NOT FOR YOU” is the perfect type of ballad according to David. 

“It’s the song that expresses in a better and more clear way, all the different feelings that I went through in this experience,” David said.

“THE LONELIEST” is a gut wrenching song. It describes a letter, sort of like a will or love letter, that’s given to someone you love once something is no longer part of your life.

“They all have this focus on the fact of missing something, and it’s described from many different points of view,” David said. “But of course for us, traveling this much and working this much made us of course do sacrifices, of course you feel the consequences of these sacrifices, and we missed a lot of our people and our homes and our everyday lives.”

And lastly in the third group we have “SUPERMODEL” and “GOSSIP.”

“SUPERMODEL” was written in Los Angeles which influenced the sort of funk-rock sound. In an interview, Maneskin talked about being shocked but somewhat intrigued by how consumed people were about their status and wanting to become a celebrity. 

The song talks about a model who is really likable but hides her own issues like her substance abuse. 

“In a way, you love her, because she knows how to have fun, but you also want to avoid her, because she could put you in trouble,” the band said.

“GOSSIP (feat. Tom Morello)” is about a city of lies where anyone can be what they want to, as long as they do certain things to maintain the spotlight. This is insinuated by doing things like getting plastic surgery, spreading gossip and acting like you have no clue what is going on.

This song also features Tom Morello on guitar. He is known for his use of guitar pedals that give him a distinct sort of “trademark” sound compared to other guitarists.

“I would call it like the critic(al) part of the album because traveling a lot and visiting different countries of course made us discover the beauty,” David said. “But one thing we’ve noticed is that every country has the same flaws, which are this social media culture and this perfect appearance culture. So this part of the album is this part that describes our negative look on what we saw.”

Through and through, this album was quite the journey of discovery for the Italian rock band. It has received a lot of great comments from fans. Måneskin really came back into the spotlight with a true banger in 2023.


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