‘Outer Banks’ prepares to return to Netflix for a fresh season

By Lucy Bridges, Staff Writer

After a year and a half, a new season of the popular original series “Outer Banks” will be returning to Netflix on Feb. 23, 2022. “Outer Banks” has released two successful seasons since its debut in April 2020 and has garnered fans, as well as support, across various platforms, specifically social media. 

Fans have long awaited the release of the third season and the show’s stars, including Madelyn Cline, Chase Stokes, Madison Bailey, Jonathan Davis and Rudy Pankow, took to social media in the beginning of January to announce the impending release of the new season. Although little information, other than the release date, was given about the new season, social media whirled with excitement over the show’s continuation. 

The excitement continued after the official trailer for the third season was released on Feb. 2, giving fans a sneak peek of what twists and turns to expect for this new plotline. As seen in the trailer, season three will pick up where season two left off, as the Pogues, John B, Sarah, JJ, Kiara and Pope, find themselves deserted on an island in the ocean. 

To recap season two, John B and Sarah find themselves in the Bahamas after surviving a sea storm induced shipwreck. While the pair are in the Bahamas, trying to reobtain the gold from the Royal Merchant, the rest of the Pogues, Kiara, Pope and JJ, continue their lives on the Outer Banks, picking up the shattered pieces that John B and Sarah left behind and discovering that the real treasure lies with the family of Denmark Tanny and the golden cross. 

The Pogues come back together on the Outer Banks and locate the cross, but not in time to stop Ward and Rafe Cameron from getting their hands on the treasure.

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Ending up on a deserted island, the group is left unaware of the aftermath of escaping the ship that was holding Sarah Cameron and the golden cross hostage and John B is left oblivious to the fact that his father, who he suspected to be dead, is supposedly alive.  

Season three of “Outer Banks” appears to jump into the unsolved mysteries and unanswered questions feet-first, packing the season with adventure, daredevil actions and the pursuit of what is rightfully the Pogues’, all while in the frame of mind that the group has “nothing to lose.”

While the tension between the Pogues and the Kooks appears to build to a climax during season three, new characters will be introduced that desire the treasure just as much as both groups, adding another element of competition, danger and mystery to the show. Season three may expose just how far the Pogues, the kooks and the other treasure hunters will go to obtain what they desire.

With unanswered questions like what the story is behind John B’s father’s reappearance, what Ward and Rafe Cameron plan to do next with the golden cross, just how the Pogues are going to get off the deserted island and why the treasure is so precious, season three has a lot of unraveling to do, as the directors, writers and actors follow and answer the mysteries that fans have been left with for over a year. 


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