Paramore breaks hiatus with ‘This Is Why’


Photo courtesy of Billboard

On Feb. 10, Paramore released their sixth album “This Is Why.” This is their first album released following a multiple year long hiatus.

By A. Oishii Basu, Staff Writer

Earlier this month, pop-punk band Paramore broke their first-ever hiatus with the release of their sixth studio album, “This Is Why.” 

The band’s hiatus began initially when a close friend of guitarist Taylor York died during the filming of a music video for their last album, “After Laughter.” Following this last release, they toured less, eventually stopping altogether for said hiatus. 

The band shared a sentiment for the necessity of self-growth, having played together since high school in 2004 and 2007 for York. In an interview with Billboard, lead vocalist Hayley Williams said, “Let’s see what it’s like to not hang our identities on Paramore all the time.”

Following the new release, the album’s third music video “Running Out Of Time” went live. The video begins with Williams in the studio, stumped. She eventually arrives at an “Alice In Wonderland”-like setting by falling through a guitar case, alluding to the often-tardy character of White Rabbit. The video makes many references to the central theme of time, with motifs of hourglasses, sand spilling and pocket watches. 

In a Genius interview, Williams said she often feels as though there is not enough time in the day to evoke change.

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    “How does a person who is self-aware enough but also politically, culturally aware, socially aware … How do you even pick what thing to focus on, and … maybe devote your life to in some respect, when everything is an emergency?” Williams said.

    The new album invokes those same sinister punk elements that initially drew Paramore’s fanbase to them. There’s a heavy emphasis on rapid drumming, the roar of the electric guitar and Williams’ distinct growling vocalizations.

    Of course, it’s clear they’ve certainly grown from the music fans grew up with, as it has lost the hints of gospel remnants from Williams’ choir days past.

    This time York introduced the album with some insane bouncy shredding on the title track. In the track “C’est Comme Ça,” he continues to run through quick twangs, adding a slightly bluesy feel.  His work in “The News” urges the audience on like a siren.

    Williams continued to take her vocalizations to new heights. With the same dynamic yells we know and love, she adds new vocal strains and lightning-fast runs. On the tracks “Running Out Of Time” and “The News,” the audience can find a kind of dissociative voice, giving us a peek into her inner psyche. 

    Drummer Zac Farro tumbles us into the track “Liar” with a soft foot on the pedal, a stark difference to his swift ricochets in rhythm in “The News.”

    The album finishes with the first song the band wrote, “Thick Skull,” which reminds listeners of past songs like “26” and “Hate To See Your Heart Break,” tunes that are introspective with a wavering guitar. 

    “I’d say, collectively, we’re all the most proud of … probably ‘Thick Skull’ because it’s kind of what kickstarted making this record,” Farro said in a Spotify-exclusive segment.

    Paramore continues to safely experiment with its sound since its last 70s pop-reminiscent record. “This Is Why” is an amalgamation of guilt, desire and anger. With their signature clever and accusatory lyrics, they explore their fears through examining shame.


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