The Kid LAROI infuses State Farm Center with insane energy


James Hoeck

The Kid LAROI jumps around the State Farm Center Stage as he opens his set on May 3.

By Caroline Sweeney, Staff Writer

The Kid LAROI performed for students of the University and residents of Champaign-Urbana on Wednesday. The show was filled with strobe lights, high energy and roaring fans.

The opener, Jeremy Zucker, got the crowd ready for the show that would follow. Zucker played songs from early on in his career like “all the kids are depressed” and “supercuts,” and also played newer releases like “internet crush.”

Before LAROI came on, many fans in the pit and throughout the stadium socialized and prepared for what was to come.

A thin sheet blocked the stage in between sets. A few minutes after 9 p.m., the lights turned out and the crowd went wild with cheers.

The stage lights turned on and LAROI stood on a raised platform above the stage behind the thin sheet. The audience could see the silhouettes of LAROI and his band as the song “I Can’t Go Back To The Way It Was” began to play.

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The crowd went wild. As soon as the song finished, the thin curtain dropped to reveal LAROI standing there. The next song, “Let Her Go,” began to play.

Following that song was “Diva,” which was when fans really came alive. LAROI ran back and forth and jumped around on the stage, and the fans gave the same energy right back.

LAROI also played notable songs like “GO,” “TELL ME WHY” and “TRAGIC.” 

A few songs later, LAROI left the stage and went to the fans on the barricade. He talked to one fan and asked if she had an ex-boyfriend. The fan mentioned a boy named Joey and the crowd went wild.

LAROI then brought the fan up to the stage for his performance of “F*CK YOU, GOODBYE.” The fan danced around the stage with LAROI over the course of the song.

Following that song, LAROI played “ALWAYS DO,” which seemed to be a fan favorite. He would stop singing for a moment and fans would fill in the lyrics.

Then LAROI went to the front of the stage, sat on a stool and told the audience that this was his first time in Champaign and said he definitely will be returning in the future.

LAROI dedicated his next song to his day one supporters as well as people who might have started following his career only last week.

LAROI said he felt honored that people worked hard for their money and chose to spend it to come here to be with him.

The lights turned off and a single spotlight illuminated LAROI. He sang “Love Again.”

Immediately after that, LAROI asked fans to put their phones down for the next song because he said it was important to connect and be present in the moment.

Then, all the lights on the stage turned off and the band left the stage. LAROI began to sing “Where Does Your Spirit Go” and fans throughout the stadium held up their flashlights.

LAROI was lit up by fans’ flashlights throughout the song.

Nathan Hong, junior in Business, said this was his favorite part of the show.

After that, LAROI exited the stage. Fans began to chant for one more song and LAROI came back for an encore.

LAROI had that insane energy he displayed throughout the show with the song “Without You.” He bounced around the stage and hyped up the crowd.

His microphone cut out a few times throughout the song, but LAROI continued without a hitch. At the end of the song, the last few lyrics were sung by the crowd.

LAROI then talked about how this was about to be the best show of the whole tour and it was all going to rely on how hard the crowd went for the last song.

“Whatever you guys did for ‘Diva,’ you need to do that now, times 10,” LAROI said.

“Paris to Tokyo” started up and the crowd went absolutely insane. LAROI came down from the stage again and up to the barricade.

Despite high energy throughout his performance, Hong could tell LAROI’s voice was a little strained before the encore.

“I felt bad for him at the very end because I could hear he was losing his voice,” Hong said. “So when he came back for two more songs, I was like dude, just go home.” 

LAROI went back to the stage for the end of the song and ran back and forth and jumped around with a lot of energy.

“I think you guys are the best,” LAROI said.

He then finished up the song and left the stage with the same energy he brought to it.

Deep Doshi, senior in Business, said he has been listening to LAROI’s music since 2018 and that LAROI’s music has been a big part of his life.

“This concert was a great way to finish the four years of college that I’ve experienced,” Doshi said. “I don’t think there could have been a better end to college.”


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