Musicians light up Canopy Club in pre-finals jam


Angel Saldivar

The Telephone Junkies opens the “F@#& Finals” event with an energetic rock set at Canopy on May 3.

By Maaike Niekerk, Staff Writer

The Canopy Club was full of a variety of music Wednesday night as various local musicians took the stage in the venue’s annual “F@#& Finals” event.

The event — which has taken place the week before finals for the past several years — saw over two dozen artists and musical groups performing on the Canopy Club’s three stages.

The outdoor Electric Patio hosted mostly DJ acts, including artists soulstice, Mr. Pink, 404, Debstep and Seeking Polaris.

The slightly chilly temperatures didn’t stop people from packing the patio to hear other acts listed to perform such as Nasty Nastia, Blue Mirror and Motou.

Jayne Allen, former Canopy Club employee and graduate student studying environmental engineering, described the patio music as “jam band and electronic put together.”

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    “That’s a specialty here at Canopy Club,” she said.

    Just inside the front door, the Canopy Club’s Red Room hosted a long list of performers, mostly consisting of solo artists and smaller acts.

    DJ Froztbyte began the night with some remixes of iconic pop hits, followed by mostly rap performances from Pierre Pressure, Femi, Kid Winter, Nayiaa Official and RERI.

    Darby Danzel, graduate student studying crop sciences, said that she appreciated the variety of art and listeners brought in by the Canopy Club’s unique venue.

    “We have all types of people, and all types of music,” Danzel said.

    Other acts in the Red Room included Vicky Tingz, M4Ri, Steve SØL and Michael The Author.

    The Red Room stage rounded out the night with performances from FlipSide Moton, Supraman & Mousepad, J Larro and Vorborg.

    The Canopy Club main stage hosted five acts, representing genres like alternative rock and jazz fusion.

    The Telephone Junkies opened with an energetic rock set, followed by 4×4 Animal Style with a slightly more alternative feel.

    The Spinning Suns — formerly Spinner and the BELZ — continued the show, followed by 6th Street Brass and closing out with Chicago artist Schlupp.

    According to Allen, Canopy Club hosts shows five nights a week.

    Danzel said having a venue like the Canopy Club is a benefit to the community as a whole. 

    “I think it’s really nice to have live music and a venue that we can really appreciate and go to live music frequently,” Danzel said. “I don’t really think there’s another venue like this in Champaign.”

    Ella Bohlman, junior in LAS, said a unique aspect of the Canopy Club is their theme nights, which she admired for being “super cool.”

    Sofi Riedel, sophomore in LAS, and Bohlman both said they felt that the experience brought community members together in support of local musicians.

    “It’s good to support local artists,” Riedel said.

    Allen felt that the atmosphere of the venue has had a large impact on the Champaign-Urbana community as well.

    “Music brings people together so much,” Allen said. “This is like family to me. I think it’s really important to the community, and it’s really kept me around for my masters.”

    Allen encouraged community members who are new to the public music scene to come out and enjoy the accepting environment.

    “If you’ve never been to Canopy, and you like music, I strongly suggest that you come check it out sometime,” Allen said. “We welcome everyone with open arms.” 


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