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Sabrina Carpenter performs poppy set at Lollapalooza

Jacob Slabosz
Sabrina Carpenter performs on the Coinbase stage on Friday. The set lasted 45 minutes and had the crowd screaming.

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Sabrina Carpenter took the Coinbase stage at 5:45 p.m. Friday for a poppy, upbeat set to a large crowd. 

Carpenter donned a heart-shaped top with a matching skirt and white boots. 

She began the set with “Read your Mind,” a danceable pop-track. Backup dancers entered the stage and she joined them for some basic choreography. She greeted the audience after the first refrain. 

“What’s good Lolla?” Carpenter said. 

Next, Carpenter sang “Feather.” She asked the crowd to put their hands up, and the entire crowd listened. 

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Carpenter had a strong stage presence. She sauntered around, absolutely owning the stage with cute smiles and utter confidence. 

Carpenter’s next song was “Vicious,” a song that much of the crowd knew and that got cheers as the song began. 

She then introduced herself to the crowd.

“Hi…My name’s Sabrina,” Carpenter said. “Every time I’ve ever been to Chicago, I’ve always thought that this was one of the best crowds in the world. I’m not tryna gas you all up, I swear.”

Carpenter said she’d always wanted to play Lollapalooza and that it was a lifelong goal, then acknowledged the heat.

“Thank you for standing in the beating sunlight,” Carpenter said. “If you see me look like a drowned rat, no you didn’t.”

Carpenter introduced her next song, “Already Over,” by saying it was about situationships, a slang term for two people that are in a romantic and/or sexual relationship but not officially dating. 

“This song is about situationships,” Carpenter said. “If you’re in one, I’m sorry.”

After donning an electric guitar, Carpenter shared the story behind her next song, “Tornado Warnings.” She said that one night, she was at a park with a certain someone and they both got a tornado warning on her phone, so she took it as a sign from the universe that she should stop spending time with this person. 

Carpenter received a large cheer from the crowd when she introduced her next song, a cover of  “Lay All Your Love On Me” by popular 70s band ABBA. 

Carpenter’s next section of her set had a different vibe, feeling more sensual than her upbeat, happy previous songs. She performed “bet u wanna” and “Looking at Me,” both tracks with a darker feel. 

After that, Carpenter shared that her next song was titled “Paris,” a fun song. She spoke in French for a section of the song. 

The next song, “Fast Times,” was preceded by a compilation of audios from popular media, including the Pixar movie “Cars” and the popular 80s movie “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” All audio snippets had to do with life moving fast. 

Carpenter introduced her song “Sue Me” by saying that the song was for anyone who has been sued. 

After “Sue Me,” Carpenter was talking to the crowd again when she noticed someone in the audience holding up a shirt that read “I heart sluts.” After reading it out loud, Carpenter asked Chicago if they were promiscuous. 

“How slutty is Chicago?” Carpenter said. “That’s a genuine question.” 

Carpenter then sang “because i liked a boy,” a song that much of the crowd knew. Carpenter showed off impressive vocals during the song as she knelt on the stage and belted her notes. 

When that song ended, Carpenter teased the audience, thanking them and saying that she was done with her performance. Right as she finished talking, the instrumental for her next and final song, “Nonsense,” began. 

“Nonsense” is currently one of Carpenter’s most popular songs, and most of the crowd knew it. 

After the song ended, Carpenter flashed a smile, then walked off stage. 


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