Beyoncé surprises fans with new single


Photo courtesy of Genius

Beyoncé releases her new single “Break My Soul” on June 20 prior to her anticipated album “Renaissance.” This will be the seventh album by the Beyoncé and her latest since her “Lemonade” album in 2016.

By Lucy Bridges, Contributing Writer

Last Monday, Beyoncé released her new single “Break My Soul” ahead of the release of her seventh album, “Renaissance.”

The 28-time Grammy award-winning music sensation released the single as part of the first collection of music she has dropped since her “Lemonade” album in 2016.  

The single opens with featured rapper Big Freedia, who has collaborated with Beyoncé twice, the first being in “Lemonade.” Big Freedia opens with power, setting the rhythm and tone of the song. 

Beyoncé follows Big Freedia’s entrance with the line, “You won’t break my soul,” repeated four times, immediately getting into the chorus of the song. This line defines the song and brings into play the idea of not letting the craze and stress of life break a person’s spirit and soul. 

The song’s verses are made up of the extremely relatable and common feelings of being overworked and exhausted and wanting to find a new groove that offers motivation and inspiration. 

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In the first repetition of the chorus, Beyoncé sings, “I’m looking for a new foundation,” and “I’m on the new vibration,” suggesting a desire for change. Then, in the second verse, Beyoncé sings “I’ma let down my hair,” and “Bee is back, and I’m sleeping real good at night.” This is followed by an altered chorus where the words are, “Got motivation,” and “I done found me a new foundation,” hinting at a sense of new passion and motivation. 

During the song, Beyoncé’s famously powerful, smooth and deep vocals layer over Big Freedia’s harsh staccato lyrics, creating an upbeat and incredibly catchy melody that can be sung and listened to on repeat. 

After being unexpectedly released four days ago, “Break My Soul” leads at number one on Spotify’s “Today’s Top Hits.” The single continues to stir up excitement as Beyoncé fans patiently await the release of her latest album in July. 

Following the drop of her new single and the announcement on her Instagram, “Break My Soul” has garnered support and excitement from Beyoncé’s large fan base, popularly known as “the Beyhive.” Even former First Lady Michelle Obama is part of the Beyhive and has shown her excitement for Beyoncé’s new music.  

Obama publicly expressed her pride and excitement for Beyonce on her Instagram, writing, “’Break My Soul’ is the song we all need right now, and I can’t help but dance and sing along while listening to it.” 

Beyoncé’s latest album, titled “Resistance,” will drop on July 29, yet “Break My Soul” gives her fans just a small sprinkling of what they can expect in the long-awaited album.